What's new in January 2024?

8x8 Contact Center introduces the following features in January 2024.

SMS and WhatsApp for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics Integrations

The 8x8 integration for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics now supports interactions via SMS and WhatsApp channels. With this new feature, agents can send and receive SMS and WhatsApp messages to/from customers using the chat interface in the 8x8 Contact Center app. Customers using the 8x8 Contact Center Integration can now utilize the core features of the integration including screen pop and call log creation with SMS and WhatsApp digital channels.


  • Ability to initiate an SMS message from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics using the 8x8 integration
  • Ability to view the customer contextual information when handling SMS & WhatsApp interactions
  • Automatic creation of a detailed Interaction log once an SMS or WhatsApp interaction is completed

For details, refer to:

Improved email handling experience

Released earlier this month, this new enhancement allows 8x8 Contact Center agents to handle emails from the Control Panel in 8x8 Agent Workspace. This new capability allows agents to:

  • View the sender’s email address in the same panel.
  • Handle emails and view the thread in same panel.
  • See attachments easily and the email they are associated with.
  • Have their productivity reported in Analytics.

For details, see how to process email interactions using the Control Panel.

Note: We will continue to support the previous experience of handling emails via the Display panel.

More enhancements in 8x8 Supervisor Workspace

We are planning to release the following enhancements in 8x8 Supervisor Workspace soon:

  • 8x8 Supervisor Workspace will display only those queues assigned in Configuration Manager as supervised. This will fix filtering performance issues and aligns Supervisor Workspace with Configuration Manager settings.
  • New status code column will be added to the Agents table in Supervisor Workspace
  • Supervisors will be able to change agent status to “Working offline” and “On-break” with the possibility to select also the agent status code (sub-status)
  • Agents and Queues tables will now behave as mini-widgets with the ability to remove one or both from the page, place them at the top of page.
  • The Interaction Retrieval widget will introduce playback functionality for audio and video interactions.

AI summarization in 8x8 Speech Analytics [Beta]

Customers currently using 8x8 Speech Analytics have the option to participate in our early beta stages of testing AI summarization. This new feature will automatically extract key insights from a conversation and automatically upload the summary to the CRM.

Bug fixes

Bug Description


When a new conversation is created through the Chat Gateway, then the Additional Properties are not working as documented.
VCC-75705 Answer Machine Detection (AMD) is intermittently not identifying a voicemail.
VCC-76059 There is an intermitent issue with CC (Carbon Copy) addresses not showing in Contact Centre cases.
VCC-76112 Status and Overload Conditions are not working as expected.
VCC-76379 The license count is incorrect in 8x8 Contact Center whereas it is correct in Admin Console.
VCC-76452 In the Agent Workspace Knowledge Base, drop down options are being obscurred by other settings.
VCC-76524 DAR # value remains the same after deletion, rather than being blank
VCC-76571 Quick replies for webchat are not working.
VCC-76617 Misleading log out message suggests a supervisor has taken action, when in effect it was a session timeout.
VCC-76627 Received emails are having the "+" removed from the sender's email address

Important Notifications

  • Interested in getting early beta access to exciting new features? Want to help shape our future products and features? Please join our Customer Labs program to engage with our user experience research and product management teams. Visit our Customer Labs page to find additional details and enroll.

  • End-of-Life: 8x8 Customer Experience application

  • Check our Network Best Practices for any updates as well as network devices for updates on your applicable firewalls or devices. We recommend that you check regularly for changes with your specific product.