What's new in May 2024?

8x8 Contact Center introduces the following enhancements and fixes in May.

Ability to view Agents and Queues tables side-by-side

By adding a new Supervisor Workspace page, users will see the two tables (Agents and Queues) side-by-side, instead of stacked. This will improve the number of rows visible, to provide more info at a glance.

Resizing the tables will be possible when entering “Edit widgets” mode and clicking the bottom right corner of the tables.

Bug fixes

Bug Description
VCC-78414 Chat interactions in QM are not displaying caller ID information.
VCC-78760 User is unable to access Channels & Logins in Admin Console.
VCC-78842 Chat window keeps loading and spinning at launch.
VCC-79528 Agent is visually able to uncheck themselves from My Assigned Queues.
VCC-79590 Interaction Sound drop down box is empty for 8x8 branding.
VCC-79779 When using Firefox, drop-down lists are cut off in 8x8 Agent Workspace.
VCC-79812 HTML tags sent to a Chat widget become plain text after a refresh.
VCC-80173 When accepting an email, the status changes to wrap up as expected, but after refreshing the page, it changes to busy.
VCC-80376 Facebook messages intermittently show the user id instead of the user name.

Important Notifications

  • Product End-of-Life
    • Legacy NetSuite
      • All versions prior to 3.1 will reach end of life on June 1st, 2024
  • Enable OAuth 2.0 for NetSuite
    • The 8x8 Integration for NetSuite is upgrading to use OAuth 2.0, a robust authorization framework. OAuth 2.0 is the preferred authentication method by NetSuite. Please follow the instructions listed in the NetSuite Admin Guide
  • Check our Network Best Practices for any updates as well as our Network Devices for updates on your applicable firewalls/devices

What's new in March 2024?

8x8 Contact Center introduces the following features in March.

Enhancements in 8x8 Supervisor Workspace

8x8 Supervisor Workspace has introduced the following enhancements recently:

  • The agent status code which indicates the reason for change of status (For example attend meeting, lunch break, attend training) is now available as a new column inside the Agents table in the dashboard.
  • Ability to change agent status to Working offline or Break is now available with an additional step to also select the status code for that agent.

Additionally, we plan to introduce the following feature enhancement to our beta users in the near future:

  • The Agent status mini-widget will soon be launched with an updated design to accommodate the wrap-up status (purple color) and status code overview in the tool tip.

Enhancements in 8x8 Agent Workspace

8x8 Agent Workspace has introduced the following enhancements recently:

  • We have elevated the usability of ‘My Assigned Queues”, with a primary focus on enhancing transparency and utility, empowering agents with an intuitive and efficient view that facilitates quicker decision-making during interactions. See improvements to my assigned queues.

  • We have introduced an improved experience for transferring to both queues and individual contacts to streamline workflows and empower agents to manage their interactions efficiently. Learn more.
  • New modern sound notification options for incoming calls to suit everyone’s taste and needs mirroring the modern library from the 8x8 Work app will be available soon in 8x8 Agent Workspace.

Bug fixes

Bug Description
VCC-76437 Calls are dropping when initiating a warm transfer with MS Teams endpoints.
VCC-76441 Campaign records are not being purged at the end of the day as per the schedule .
VCC-76565 Configuration Manager - After adding users to a queue, existing assigned but disabled users are enabled again.
VCC-76889 There are issues with "Try Again" and "Do Not Call" logic in campaigns.
VCC-76893 Messages sent from 8x8 Agent Workspace to 8x8 Work users are presented with HTML tags
VCC-76975 In Configuration Manager, the setting for agent call recording percentage is not saving.
VCC-77060 Calls are stuck on a CC dashboard for two days.
VCC-77168 Active Inbound calls are stuck on a Persistent Auto-Answer setting.
VCC-77237 Queue wait time comes up as 648 months 2 weeks when you hover over the wait time.
VCC-77296 Calls in IIVR intermittently appear to lose their routing and end up in a "catch-all" queue.
VCC-77577 Cold transfers are being auto-answered using a Softphone although the Auto-Answer feature is turned off.
VCC-77586 User is unable to reply back to an email in Local CRM as the "Reply Button" is disabled.
VCC-77176 Menu narrows as you scroll down pages in the in Monitoring tab.
VCC-77890 In Agent Workspace, filtering contacts by type is not working.
VCC-78245 Reference number entered by the caller is not selecting the right SalesForce record for screen pop.

Important Notifications

  • Interested in getting early beta access to exciting new features? Want to help shape our future products and features? Please join our Customer Labs program to engage with our user experience research and product management teams. Visit our Customer Labs page to find additional details and enroll.

  • End-of-Life: 8x8 Customer Experience application

  • Check our Network Best Practices for any updates as well as network devices for updates on your applicable firewalls or devices. We recommend that you check regularly for changes with your specific product.

What's new in January 2024?

8x8 Contact Center introduces the following features in January 2024.