Manage widgets

As a supervisor, you have the ability to customize your existing workspace to show relevant widgets for your 8x8 Contact Center. You can browse a library of pre-configured widgets and modify the appearance of your workspace in order to properly monitor key metrics. You can re-organize widgets and remove widgets from your workspace. The Widgets library displays a list of available widgets not currently shown in your workspace.

To customize your workspace:

  1. Click Edit widgets in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard.

  2. The Widgets library displays a list of pre-configured widgets.

  3. Drag a widget from the list and drop it on top of an existing widget to replace it. You can also drop it below a row of widgets to create a new row.
  4. A confirmation dialog appears stating Are you sure you want to replace [Old widget] with [New widget]?.

  5. Click Replace to proceed. Click X to exit the Widgets library.

As a supervisor, you can access the Widgets library to re-organize widgets in your workspace. You can also remove widgets from your workspace.