What's new in the 8x8 Contact Center for Salesforce?

8x8 Contact Center app version 2.0

We are introducing an upgraded 8x8 Contact Center app for Salesforce. The 8x8 Contact Center app version 2.0 for Salesforce is a highly intuitive interface that streamlines customer interactions while delivering a simpler, more efficient, and more engaging way for agents to keep productivity high and customer experiences positive. This clean new interface allows agents:

  • To process interactions and manage their routine tasks with ease.
  • To see the system searching the CRM for matching records from the moment the interaction is offered to an agent.
  • To view a screen pop for single match records (if configured by the admin).
  • To match the interaction to the desired contact when multiple match records are found.
  • To search the CRM and match the interaction to the desired contact.
  • To add disposition codes before wrap up.

Ability to send and receive emails via the 8x8 Contact Center app version 2.0

8x8 Contact Center integration for Salesforce now supports Email routing via the 8x8 Contact Center app. Once this feature is enabled in your integration by your administrator, you are able to accept and reply to emails directly from the 8x8 Contact Center app. When an email is offered , the 8x8 Contact Center app searches for the customer info in your Salesforce CRM, and, if available in the system, screen pops the customer info in a new browser tab.

The support for email communication allows agents to:

  • Accept emails with contextual screen pops of customer records.
  • Review the list of matching customer records before selecting the right one.
  • Stay in busy status while processing the email to avoid any distractions.
  • Create a case automatically for the accepted email and linked to the customer record.
  • Reply, forward, close, and transfer emails quickly and efficiently.
  • Send new and follow up emails.
  • Keep track of the email thread through the case history.