What's new in the 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center 2.4 release?

Limited availability: This release is available to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

In the 2.4 release of 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, we are introducing major feature enhancements offering an improved experience.

Announcing the end-of-life of 8x8 Business Intelligence

With feature parity nearly complete in the 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, we are announcing the end-of-life of the 8x8 Business Intelligence application. Also referred to as Virtual Contact Center Analytics application, this analytics tool is now being replaced by 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Note: Users in Canada will continue to use the 8x8 Business Intelligence application for some more time.

Introducing visual charts in historical reports

To consume data faster and better and to get a quick overview of the trends for a specific report, we are introducing visual charts to represent data in historical reports. Customize the historical reports to enable visual charts. Take a quick look at the data charts and quickly gather the key performance indicators. You do not need to dig through the numbers any more!

Let’s say you wish to review the key metrics for your Tier 1 Support agent group, customize the agent interactions report to view the key data in the visual chart.

To set up a visual chart to appear on your historical report:

  1. Go to the custom report or template report that you want to customize.
  2. Select the date range, dimensions & metrics for your report.
  3. Enable Show charts.
  4. Click Configure and select the metrics that you want to be included in the graph.
  5. By default, the metrics are grouped by type for easier configuration of the chart type.
  6. The metrics selected in the previous configuration window appear in this list. You cannot have different metrics in the report and in the chart.
  7. Click Done to save the custom report. The chart now appears at the top of your report.

Let’s say you wish to review and compare the performance of your tier 1 and tier 2 support groups, simply set the filter to the desired groups and set the granularity to None.

Note: The charts cannot be exported or included in the scheduled reports currently.

Note: If you disable subtotal data, the visual charts will be disabled as well.

Ability to share custom reports

You can now share custom reports you create with your coworkers. Let’s say you want to share a custom report with your fellow supervisor, simply share the report with one of the two levels of access permissions: Ability to view or Ability to edit.

Note: Only the report configuration is being shared, not the access to the data. Let’s say John shares a custom report with Robin. John supervises tier 1 and tier 2 groups, while Robin supervises Tier 1 group only. When Robin logs in, she can see the shared report under Custom reports. She can only see the data for the Tier 1 group that she supervises and not the data for Tier 2.

To share a report, click in the header, to access the sharing options.

If Robin edits this custom report, all users who have access to the report will see the changes Robin made.

Robin can clone and edit the report without impacting the original report owned by John.

Revoking shared report

The access to the shared report can be revoked at any time by the owner. Removing the view and edit permissions will also discontinue all emails scheduled for this report by the user whose permissions are being revoked.

Introducing new report metrics

In this release, we are introducing the following new metrics.

Historical Report New Metrics
Agent Interactions Summary

Avg Hold Time

Transfers Initiated%

Agent Call Summary

Avg Hold Time

Queue Interactions summary


Total Abandoned%

Total Time to Abandon (includes Short Abandon)

Longest Abandon Time

Average Abandon Time

Total Time Waiting in Queue

Queue Interactions Abandoned

Total Time to Abandon (includes Short Abandon)

Total Time Waiting in Queue

Real-Time Widget New Metrics
Agent performance widget (RT)

Transfers Initiated (15m, 30m, Today)

Transfers Initiated % (15m, 30m, Today)

Single Agent Stat widget (RT)

Avg Time on Hold (15m, 30m, Today)

Transfers Initiated (15m, 30m, Today)

Transfers Initiated % (15m, 30m, Today)


Real-Time Widget New Metrics
Agent performance widget (RT)

Transfers Initiated (15m, 30m, Today)

Transfers Initiated % (15m, 30m, Today)

Single Agent Stat widget (RT)

Avg Time on Hold (15m, 30m, Today)

Transfers Initiated (15m, 30m, Today)

Transfers Initiated % (15m, 30m, Today)

Extended scope of interactions in agent related reports and real-time widgets

In the agent related reports and real-time widgets, we have now included data for those interactions in which the agent has been in the available status during the interaction handling.

Let’s consider a direct agent call in which the agent status continues to be non-busy. You can now get call interaction data for this specific agent interaction. The reports include all interaction data now—of the outbound calls which are not queued, internal calls, direct agent calls in non-busy status etc.

Enhancements to the Interaction Details report

We have introduced many enhancements to the Interaction Details report. The enhancements allow you to:

Access campaign metrics

Campaign interactions data are added to the Interaction Details report. You can view the key metrics for all campaign interactions. In the Interaction type column, campaign interactions are indicated.

Track interaction of renamed entities (agent or queue)

Let’s say a queue has been renamed, you can now track interactions directed to the renamed queue. The new name appears as primary with the old name in parentheses. The following renamed entities are indicated as renamed in the reports:

Queue Name, Participant, Outbound Phone Code List, Outbound Phone Code, Outbound Phone Short Code, Outbound Phone Code Text, Wrap Up Code List, Wrap Up Code, Wrap Up Short Code and Wrap Up Code Text

Filter interactions with agent notes

Do you wish to track only those interactions where agents have added notes? Wish to review the agent notes? You can now search and filter interactions with agent notes. When you hover over, you can view most of the agent notes. To see the agent notes in entirety, simply download the report. The character limit is set to 9000 characters.

Sort and locate data quickly

Sort the column alphabetically or numerically based on the data type of the column. Let’s say you want to locate a queue name quickly, simply click the column header to sort the queue name alphabetically. You can now locate the queue name quickly.

Search and navigate to the report columns

In the Customize table to select columns to view or hide in the report, you can now quickly search for a column name. Let’s say you want to look for all metrics related to a call hold, just enter ‘hold’ and all the metrics related to hold appear in the search results.

What's new in the 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center 2.3 release?

In the 2.3 release of 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, we are introducing major new features and enhancements to offer you historical data and detailed reports for interactions.

Note: In this release, we changed the format of metrics in the CSV documents from hhmmss to milliseconds. Based on your feedback, we will be reverting this change to the previous format (hhmmss) this week. Thank you for sharing your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

Introducing the Interaction Details report

Get access to key metrics during the entire journey of an interaction. What queue was the call directed to? Who is the agent who handled the interaction? Was the call placed on hold? What was the duration of the hold? Was it transferred to another agent? What was the call outcome? Answer all these questions and many more using the data in the Interaction Details report. Select from a total of 56 metrics, arrange them to suit your needs, and even freeze those metrics that are key to the report data.

To access the Detailed Interactions report, from the menu, select Detailed Reports > Interactions.

Further, you can filter data based on queues, channel ID, hold duration, and more. Do you want to track only interaction details of a specific queue? Filter further to review interactions with a hold duration longer than 30 seconds, look at only inbound calls, interactions transferred blind, and more.

Check out the Interaction Details glossary.

Introducing the historical widgets for dashboards

In this release, we are introducing historical widgets for all dashboards. Access the historical data about queue activity or agent activity or media activity for yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days or select a date range. Whether you are tracking weekly activity of queues or performance of agents, customize your dashboard with historical widgets and real-time widgets to track the metrics that matter to you.

With historical data widgets:

8x8 Analytics for Contact Center offers four historical widgets:

Introducing the Agent status - Login Time report

To better track the availability and productivity of agents, we have now introduced a new report that offers login and logout time of each agent. What time did Rob log in this morning? What time did they log out? How many times did they log in during the day? What was their login duration? And more.

Note: If login and logout activities occurred on different days, the log out timestamp shows blank. For example, agent John logged in at 11 pm and logged out at 6 am on the next day, the timestamp for login shows as 23:00:00, while the timestamp for logout is blank.

From the menu, select Agent Status > Login Time.

Aggregating agent interactions data by agent group

In the Agent Interactions reports, you can now aggregate metrics by agent group level. Select to group the data by agent groups, and further by media type, channels, and queues. The report now aggregates data by agent group. Get this information and compare the performance of individual agent groups.

You can now customize the reports to group data by agent group as well as by agent group and agent.

For details, check out the Agent Interactions report.

Introducing the Contact Center Overview Dashboard

Monitor your business performance with a predefined dashboard with many key widgets that will help your business needs. Whether you are tracking average waiting time of queues this past month or comparing average wrap-up time of agents, find it all in the Contact Center Overview Dashboard out of the box. We have designed the dashboard with historical and real-time widgets showing key performance indicators.

From the menu, go to Dashboards to access the Contact Center Overview dashboard,

Learn more about dashboards and how to create custom dashboards.

Ability to download reports in Excel

You can now download the reports in Excel format for better readability of the data. The report now includes a header with date range and time zone in addition to the highlighted subtotals and totals of the metrics.