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What's New in the 8x8 Analytics 1.3.1 Release?

We have introduced new enhancements and changes in the Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.3.1 release.

Enhanced User Experience During Dimension Selection

In queue summary widget and agent performance widgets, we have introduced a few improvements in selecting agents, queues, or metrics.

Optimized Wallboard Display

For optimal use of real estate on the display screens of wallboards, we allow you to hide time zone and widget header information.

In the wallboard settings, toggle the options as desired.

Improved Wallboard Visibility

Zebra striping is the faint shading of alternate rows of tabular data to guiding eyes along the rows. We have now applied the zebra striping format to our data tables in wallboards for enhanced readability.

Introducing New Metrics

We have introduced the following real-time metrics in the Queue Summary widget:

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