About phone calls

8x8 Work for Desktop gives you a flexible and efficient calling experience and enables you to enhance your communications via a versatile call management system. If you have questions, see our FAQs on calls via 8x8 Work for Desktop!

Before getting started:

  • Select your Caller ID: If you need to stay anonymous during external calls, or if you use multiple Caller IDs, you can switch between them at any time.
  • Select your calling device: Need a hands-free calling experience, or want to dial in 8x8 Work but continue your calls via a phone? Place, receive, and manage 8x8 Work calls through your headset, your desk phone, or any other phone you have access to! 
  • Set call recording and voicemail preferences: Choose whether to record calls you make and receive, if permitted. In addition, you can choose whether to receive email notifications when you receive voicemail, so that you can stay on top of your communications at all times.
  • Set up call waiting tone: Toggle the call waiting tone on/off.
  • Set up the noise suppression level: Set up the noise suppression level for microphone input.
  • Set up hold music: Set up music or a spoken message to play for a caller when you place them on hold.
  • Set up call forwarding: Going on vacation, or busy with a time-sensitive task? You can simply set up call forwarding to redirect incoming calls as needed.
  • Verify your emergency address: To better alert emergency services of your location when you make an emergency call, you can verify your emergency address in 8x8 Work.


  • View call info pop-up: If your organization keeps track of customers on a site or in an application, you can configure 8x8 Work for Desktop to bring up additional information on the call number in your browser.
  • Place and receive calls: Connect with your colleagues and personal contacts, and make or receive calls to external numbers at any time.
  • Transfer calls: Need to direct a caller to a colleague who can answer their question? Simply transfer your call in a few clicks.
  • Park calls for easy retrieval: Let's say your call has taken some time, and you want to switch from a conference phone to your mobile device; you can park the call to temporarily put the caller on hold, and just enter the call park extension number you are given, allowing you to pick the call back up from any phone or device!
  • Record calls and review recordings: If enabled by your organization's subscription, you can record calls based on your local laws and requirements. Record all calls, or begin recording with the click of a button while on a call. After the call is over, you can retrieve your call recording for future reference within the app.
  • Handle multiple calls at once: Easily handle two calls in parallel, or merge your calls into a three-way conference at any time.
  • Handle calls in call queues: If you are part of a call queue, 8x8 Work for Desktop enables you to work with other members in the queue to deliver a more effective customer experience.
  • Access call history: Quickly scan through your call history, and easily return missed calls and follow up on calls with your contacts or external numbers.
  • Access voicemails: If you miss a call, you can see if the caller left you a voicemail message, and call back to follow up accordingly.
  • Use call integration with Skype for Business: As a Skype for Business user, you can combine the contact system of Skype for Business with the calling capabilities of 8x8 Work.
  • Use call integration with Microsoft Outlook: As a Microsoft Outlook user, you can combine the features of Outlook with the calling capabilities of 8x8 Work.