Select Caller ID

A Caller ID shows who is calling before you pick up the phone by displaying caller information on the screen of your phone. A caller ID helps you screen a call before you answer or reject it. Depending on your extension permissions set by your phone system administrator, you may have access to a number of different Caller IDs to choose from in 8x8 Work for Desktop. You can select from these or an anonymous Caller ID from your profile.

To select your Caller ID:

  1. Click the profile image icon in the header to access your profile.
  2. Click the phone number drop-down next to Caller ID to open your list of available IDs.

    If your organization's list of Caller IDs is very long, you can start typing a phone number to filter the Caller IDs that show up.
  3. From the drop-down, you can select the desired Caller ID or, to block your Caller ID from others:
    • Select Anonymous from the drop-down (if your organization is a Virtual Office Classic customer).
    • Select the Block Caller ID check box below the drop-down (if your organization is an X Series or Virtual Office Editions customer).