What's New in 8x8 Video Meetings?

We are introducing the following enhancements and changes in 8x8 Video Meetings:

Introducing Meeting Subtitles and Transcripts

Do you want to quickly scan through what was said in a meeting without sitting through a full-length recording, or do you find it difficult to hear what is spoken while you’re in a meeting? You now have the ability to see real-time subtitles for a meeting, and then view a transcript that contains all subtitles generated during the meeting.

Note: At this time, only English is supported for subtitles and transcripts.

For details, see our content on viewing subtitles and accessing transcripts for 8x8 Video Meetings.

Initiate Real-Time Subtitles

During a meeting in Virtual Office, or in your 8x8 Video Meetings Standalone app, click the Start subtitles icon to view real-time subtitles of what people say in the meeting.

As long as one or more participants are viewing real-time subtitles, the subtitles are recorded in a transcript, indicated by a TR icon in the upper-right corner of the meeting screen. Even if a transcript is already being generated, all participants who want to see subtitles in real time must click the Start subtitles icon for themselves.

Once a meeting with subtitles enabled ends, participants can go to Recents in the Meetings tab, select the meeting, and click Transcription to access a copy of the meeting’s speech transcript for quick reference!

-If a meeting did not have subtitles enabled, participants are not able to access a post-meeting transcript.
-Only portions of the meeting with subtitles enabled are visible in the speech transcript; if subtitles were stopped and later restarted, any speech not captured by the subtitles is not recorded in the transcript.

Ability to Track Meeting Speaker Time

If you’re a meeting presenter or organizer and want to ensure that everyone had adequate time to present their ideas in a meeting, you can now open the details of a recent meeting and check how long each participant spoke. To view meeting speaker stats, go to Recents in the Meetings tab, select the meeting, and click Speaker stats to view the speaking time for all participants!

Note: Speaker stats are only recorded for participants who joined meeting audio.

Ability to Share Video and Screen Simultaneously

In a meeting, you now have the ability to share your camera video and your on-screen content at the same time! When you share your video and your screen, your on-screen content appears in the main portion of the meeting window, with your camera video visible to participants in a floating tile in the corner of their screen.

For details, see our content on sharing video and sharing on-screen content in 8x8 Video Meetings.