What's new in 8x8 Meet?

We are introducing the following enhancements and changes in 8x8 Meet:

Ability to secure meetings by enabling pre-meeting lobby rooms [8x8 Work and 8x8 Meet users]

Let’s say you’re hosting a confidential meeting, and want to personally make sure that only the intended participants can enter the meeting. You now have the ability to screen who can join your meeting by enabling a lobby room for your meeting; this way, before participants can join your meeting, they must ask to be let in.

In addition, if you want all your organization’s meeting spaces, or all meetings in your personal meeting space, to have lobby rooms enabled by default, contact your administrator to fine-tune your organization’s lobby room behavior.

For details, see our content on enabling moderated lobby rooms for meetings.

Updated icon for your Meetings list [8x8 Work users]

If you are an 8x8 Work for Desktop or 8x8 Work for Mobile user, your Meetings list is now marked with an updated icon that better reflects your ability to view and share video while in a meeting!

On 8x8 Work for Desktop:

on 8x8 Work for Mobile for iOS and Android/Amazon:

On the 8x8 Meet desktop and mobile apps, your Meetings list continues to be marked with its previous icon.

8x8 Video Meetings is now 8x8 Meet

Say hello to 8x8 Meet! In recognition of the increased importance of digital tools and changes to how we all work, the 8x8 products and services you work with are getting new names as part of their transformation:

  • 8x8 Video Meetings: 8x8 Meet
  • 8x8 Meeting Rooms: 8x8 Spaces
  • Virtual Office: 8x8 Work
  • Virtual Office desktop app: 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • Virtual Office mobile app: 8x8 Work for Mobile
  • And more!

Previous releases

The following features and enhancements were introduced in previous versions of 8x8 Meet.