Note: The ability to share Youtube videos is available to all users, but only participants joining via desktop app or desktop browser can share their full screen or an application window.
For details on 8x8 Meet features available to different user types, click here.

Share on-screen content in meetings

8x8 Meet enables you to enhance your meeting experience by sharing your screen or an application window from your desktop, or sharing a YouTube video from anywhere! The collaborative nature of 8x8 Meet leaves content sharing open to all participants.

Share full screen or application window

Only participants on desktop can share their full screen or an application window, but all participants can view this shared content.

To share on-screen content in 8x8 Meet:

  1. In a meeting, click Share screen to open a list of screens and windows that are available for you to share. Depending on your desktop browser if you join via web, you may have the option to share a specific tab rather than your entire browser window. In addition, depending on where you are joining from, you may have the ability to share your system audio with your full screen or browser tab.

    Note: If you are sharing a PowerPoint presentation or similar content, choose to share your entire screen so your slides refresh properly.

  2. Select the desired screen, window, or tab, and confirm. Your actions in the specified area are displayed to everyone in the meeting until you stop sharing by clicking Share screen again to toggle it off.

Share YouTube video

Let’s say a Marketing representative wants to share their latest promotional video, or you want to share a helpful how-to video with your team; as a participant joining via app or browser on desktop or mobile, you can now share YouTube videos in a meeting without needing to share the rest of your screen!

To share a YouTube video in a meeting:

  1. Click or tap the More actions menu to open a menu of advanced meeting controls and options.
  2. From the menu, click or tap Share a YouTube video to open a URL entry box.
  3. In the entry box, enter the URL of the YouTube video to share, and click Share or tap Ok to confirm. When you confirm, the video displays in the meeting to everyone, and you are able to use the usual YouTube video controls to pause, play, and rewind the video.
  4. When you are finished with the video, click or tap the More actions menu again.
  5. From the menu, click or tap Stop sharing YouTube video to remove the video from the meeting display, and confirm at the prompt that pops up.