Overview: 8x8 Video Meetings Pro

The 8x8 Video Meetings Pro experience combines flexible communication capabilities with powerfully collaborative meetings. With 8x8 Video Meetings, take your team meetings to the next level via integration with calendar apps, high-definition audio and video, advanced meeting management features, and much more! Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, learn how you can upgrade from 8x8 Video Meetings Standalone to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro for additional features!

For details on 8x8 Video Meetings features available to different user types, click here.

Free vs. Pro user experiences

Upgrade to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro to access additional features; for details, see the feature comparisons below.


8x8 Video Meetings feature

Registered Standalone user

Registered Pro user

Unlimited free meeting access for up to 50 participants at a time

Access to a personal meeting space

Set a custom meeting domain for your team

Integration with your preferred calendar app

Make your meeting more secure by setting a passcode or randomizing your meeting URL

Access to a list of past meetings you attended, and meeting resources such as participant lists and audio transcripts

Invite participants by copying and sending meeting details

Invite participants by dialing out to their phone number

Record meetings

Access meeting recordings on demand

(for three days after recording)

(for 60 days after recording)

View real-time audio subtitles in meetings

(in English)

Join a meeting via phone call internationally

Stream meetings live via YouTube

Share on-screen content with participants

(from desktop apps and web)

(from desktop apps and web)

Chat with participants publicly or privately

As a desktop or web participant, remotely control the desktop of a desktop app participant to walk them through a computer task they have a question on

(from desktop apps or web to desktop)

(from desktop apps or web to desktop)

As a team leader, access detailed analytics on your team's 8x8 Video Meetings usage and quality

(as a team leader via admin settings)

Empower the existing hardware of a conference room with 8x8 Video Meetings capability via 8x8 Meeting Rooms


8x8 Video Meetings Pro enables you to use the following features:

  • Personal meeting space: Take advantage of a personal meeting space unique to you, which you can add to any scheduled event in the calendar you work with. In addition, you can configure your meeting settings to use randomized meeting space names for added security!
  • 8x8 Video Meetings and calendar integration: Integrate 8x8 Video Meetings with one of the following calendars to take advantage of the convenience of your usual calendar app and the power of 8x8 Video Meetings! Simply schedule in your calendar, and with one click or tap from your app, add a meeting to your scheduled event.
    • Apple Calendar
    • Google Calendar
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Office 365
    • Outlook.com
    • Via our downloadable meeting plug-ins, combine the convenience of scheduling from start to finish in Google Calendar and Office 365 with the capabilities of 8x8 Video Meetings.
  • HD audio and video: Take advantage of a high-fidelity meeting experience that makes collaborating more efficient than ever.
  • Join via dial-in domestically or internationally: Dial in to the meeting using phone numbers available in over 50 countries; use a phone number local to you to dial in to a meeting free of international charges!

  • Join via 8x8 Meeting Rooms: If your organization uses in-room conferencing systems to facilitate team and company meetings, you can take advantage of the convenience of your in-room systems when joining in 8x8 Video Meetings.
  • Record meetings: Record meeting audio, video, and content sharing, and distribute recordings among participants for future reference.
  • Invite participants at any time: Invite participants ahead of time via email, or during the meeting via chat or dialing out via phone to quickly mobilize your team.
  • View real-time meeting subtitles: If you want to quickly scan through what was said in a meeting without sitting through a full-length recording, or find it difficult to hear what is spoken while you’re in a meeting, simply activate real-time meeting audio subtitles, and then view a transcript that contains all subtitles that were generated during the meeting!
  • Stream meetings live: Take advantage of live streaming your meeting via a verified YouTube account to reach a potentially-unlimited audience.

    Note: Ensure that you are using a verified YouTube account to stream, as an account can take 24 hours to be verified before you are able to stream through it.
    For details, see YouTube Help content on how to enable live streaming on your YouTube account.

  • Share on-screen content: If you are joining from your browser or your desktop app, you have the ability to instantly share a web page, presentation, or app window on your desktop with meeting participants!
  • Quickly get a presenter’s attention: If you want to ask a question or raise a point without interrupting a presentation, simply use the “Raise hand” feature to make yourself noticeable to a presenter or moderator who will call on you.
  • Join meeting chat: Participate in group chat with all meeting participants at any time, or chat with participants individually in private chat.
  • Optimized performance no matter where you are: Regardless of your location, 8x8 Video Meetings gives you the best possible performance by routing your connection through the datacenter closest to you.
  • Ability to take over another user’s desktop: If a participant joining via their desktop app needs something clarified, such as how to use a piece of software you are discussing, you can send a request to connect to their desktop if you have joined via web or the desktop app. Once the participant accepts, they begin sharing their screen so that you can take remote control of their desktop; this allows you to answer the participant’s question and demonstrate the solution to all participants in the meeting.
  • View analytics on your team's meeting experience: As a team leader with access to 8x8 Video Meetings admin settings, get an overview of your team’s 8x8 Video Meetings usage and quality at any time!
  • Advanced meeting moderation features: Take advantage of advanced meeting features and settings; control your audio quality, manage which presenter is most visible to participants, and more!
    • Control your meeting audio quality your connection quality drops to ensure a smooth meeting experience.
    • Manage which presenter is most visible to participants via the “Everyone follows me” setting; with this setting enabled, if you select a person for viewing, that person becomes visible to everyone else in the meeting.
    • To eliminate unwanted background noise during a presentation, select whether participants join the meeting with their microphones muted by default.