Learn to use 8x8 Meet

Once you familiarize yourself with the basics and features of 8x8 Meet, learn how you can register for 8x8 Meet as a team leader or team member, and get started with meetings!

Register for 8x8 Meet

Register as an 8x8 Meet user at any time!

Sign in with your email address to register. If you are a team leader and want to invite teammates and enable them to use 8x8 Meet, then follow the steps here:

If you were invited to a team in 8x8 Meet directly by a meetings admin, you register as a user from the email invite you receive. If your administrator enabled email domain detection, you can register manually as a user assigned to your organization’s existing team in 8x8 Meet without needing to receive an email!

Next steps

Once you are registered and set up:

  1. Meet instantly in your browser on desktop.
  2. For additional access to 8x8 Meet, download:
    • The 8x8 Meet desktop app.
    • The 8x8 Meet mobile app.
    • Calendar plug-ins for Google Calendar and Office 365.
  3. Schedule meetings.
  4. Join meetings.
  5. Learn about your in-meeting experience.