What's new in the 8x8 Work for Mobile 10.7 release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in 8x8 Work for Mobile!

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Enhancements to calls

The following enhancements apply to your calling experience.

Enhanced behavior for carrier minutes on devices without SIM cards

If you access 8x8 Work for Mobile on a device without a SIM card, your settings for carrier minutes do not show up under Profile > Settings > Data and Network Options. Similarly, if you remove the SIM card on a device on which you previously enabled carrier minutes, carrier minutes are disabled until you replace the SIM card and re-enter your carrier minutes settings.

Ability to hear dial pad tones on the dial pad

As an Android user, you now hear dial pad tones when entering numbers in your dial pad on 8x8 Work for Mobile. If you want to disable dial pad tones, you can do so under Profile > Settings > Advanced > Dial pad tones.

More detailed contact listings

When browsing your list of contacts, you now see a second line of information below the name of a contact: you see the contact’s custom presence status or, if no custom status is set, the contact’s job title and/or company (if available for that contact).

Additional change: minimum Android OS version is now 7

As an Android user, Android OS 7 is now the minimum OS version you can use with 8x8 Work for Mobile.

Previous releases

The following features and enhancements were introduced in previous versions of 8x8 Work for Mobile (formerly known as the Virtual Office mobile app). For details on the latest new features, see our list of what's new in the current release.