Manage queues on mobile

As an 8x8 XF Workspace user, you can view and process incoming calls in 8x8 XF Workspace through 8x8 Work for Mobile.

To view queue details:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Work for Mobile.

  2. Swipe up or tap My Queues.
  3. Tap All to see the number of assigned queues that are available to you. The list includes the inbound and outbound call queues.

    Note: The queues assigned to you are also grouped by media channel in Inbound and Outbound. Tap the appropriate tab to display the related inbound or outbound phone queues assigned to you.

Notes: To enable all queues, you can tap Enable all or toggle on each queue one by one. If you want to stop receiving calls you can disable queues by tapping Disable all at the bottom of the screen. Tap Inbound to see only the inbound call queues or Outbound to see the outbound call queues.