What's new in the 8x8 Admin Console 1.45.1 release?

In this release, we have introduced the following enhancement:

Retrieve device passwords

Customers can now access device admin passwords and see and copy them for future use.

Admins can retrieve the device admin passwords via:

  • Devices Details page
  • Users page
  • Edit user only for unsupported devices

What's new in the 8x8 Admin Console 1.45 release?

In this release, we have introduced the following enhancements:

8x8 Admin Console UI French-Canadian translation capability

The 8x8 Admin Console interface is now available in French-Canadian (fr-CA). To have the 8x8 Admin Console UI translated to French, you must set the browser language to French-Canadian (fr-CA).

Note: The content of the Licenses page is displayed in English because a third entity provides the content via the license service.

XF Workspace updates - Limited availability

Important! This feature is currently available only for limited availability.

Starting with this release, 8x8 admins can create 8x8 Admin Console user accounts for both the 8x8 XF Workspace users and supervisors.

8x8 XF Workspace users can use collaborative functions available in 8x8 Work apps while engaging with users through queued calls from the 8x8 Contact Center, all within the comfort of 8x8 Work apps. In addition, 8x8 XF Workspace users support other 8x8 Work features such as ring groups, UC barge monitor whisper, or group call pickups. To learn more about 8x8 XF Workspace, see About 8x8 XF Workspace.

As an 8x8 admin, you can create a user account for an 8x8 XF Workspace user similar to formal 8x8 Contact Center agents. Still, you have to assign to your user a dedicated 8x8 XF Workspace pair of licenses, one for the VCC platform provisioning and another for the 8x8 Work provisioning.

To create user accounts for the 8x8 XF Workspace users, while creating or editing users, in the Services and permissions section, choose the XF Workspace (CC) license for the 8x8 Contact Center part. For 8x8 Work apps, select one of the available licenses (describing the calling plan), such as the XF Workspace Global, XF Workspace International, XF Workspace Pro, XF Workspace, XF Workspace Pro, and XF Workspace Metered. To learn more about configuring an XF Workspace user account, see Create 8x8 XF Workspace user accounts.

Ability to change the unsupported device models to the supported ones- Limited availability

Important! This feature is currently available only for limited availability.

8x8 Admins can now directly change unsupported device models to supported ones for the user's account.

Previously, removing a device that was not a supported model was impossible. To remove an associated device, admins had to remove the UC or CC license, which also removed most of the user's history and settings.

Starting with this release, admins can remove the unsupported devices directly from the user’s account by clicking Remove device next to the device model under Voice Basic Settings. In the prompted dialog box, admins must confirm the removal of the unsupported device by selecting the acknowledgment checkbox. Once a device is removed, adding it again to the 8x8 Admin Console will be impossible.

Note: 8x8 admins can remove the standard UC device models and the VCC Dedicated Extension ones.

To learn more about how to directly change unsupported device models to supported ones for the user's account, see Set up Voice Basic Settings.

Other enhancements - Reskinning confirmation dialog components

The new 8x8 Admin Console UI elements are available to align with all our 8x8 applications. The confirmation dialog boxes are now more compact, smaller, and display-centered. As an 8x8 Admin Console user, you can enjoy a more pleasant and intuitive experience through 8x8 Admin Console. The app interface better matches your experience of configuring and managing your users and enables more intuitive use.

What's new?

Important! To ensure security standards, 8x8 apps now enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all 8x8 administrator accounts. For details about MFA for admins, read Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Recently, we introduced 8x8 Mobile Admin, a new solution designed for 8x8 Work admins to manage basic admin activities using the 8x8 Work for Mobile app. This new capability offers quick resolutions via the mobile app as well as easy and quick access to a restricted set of top level daily admin tasks (quick updates or changes on demand).

For details about 8x8 Mobile Admin, click here.


8x8 Mobile Admin is available on:

  • iOS mobile devices
  • Android mobile devices
8x8 Work for Mobile iOS 8x8 Work for Mobile for Android

To learn more about 8x8 Mobile Admin, check out our detailed help.

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