What's new in the 8x8 Work for Mobile 10.12 release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in 8x8 Work for Mobile!

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Ability to place both active calls on hold at the same time

Let’s say Sam is handling two important calls at the same time via 8x8 Work for Mobile on iOS, and needs a moment to take notes; rather than having to keep one call active, Sam can now put both Mel and Robin on hold. As an iOS user handling two calls in 8x8 Work for Mobile, you now have the ability to put both calls on hold at the same time!

Enhanced chat room creation process

Let’s say that an administrative assistant needs to create a private chat room that they are not part of; previously, if the assistant tried to remove themselves from a private chat room while creating the room, they triggered an error. To prevent this, if you are creating a private chat room for someone else, you can remove yourself from the room only after the room is created.

To remove yourself from a room after you have finished creating it, open the room, then tap the name of the room to open the room details. From the list of room members, tap your name and select the option that pops up to remove yourself from the room.

Support for single-character contact and chat room search

8x8 Work for Mobile now starts searching with the very first character you type in the search bar; if you have a colleague whose first or last name is one character long (such as Hideki Mori, written as 森 秀樹 in Japanese), you can now find them just as easily as you can a colleague with a longer name! Similarly, you can now search for a chat room with a single-character name, or a name you only remember one character of.

Previous releases

The following features and enhancements were introduced in previous versions of 8x8 Work for Mobile (formerly known as the Virtual Office mobile app). For details on the latest new features, see our list of what's new in the current release.