What's new in the 8x8 Work for Mobile 10.1 release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in 8x8 Work for Mobile!

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Ability to mute notifications for chats

Let’s say that one of the chat rooms you follow is very active, but you are not part of the discussion and would like to block notifications for the room for a while; if you want to keep a large number of notifications from cluttering your phone, you now have the ability to mute notifications for a conversation for 30 minutes, one hour, until you unmute the conversation, and more! In addition, if you are muting a chat room you are following, the ability to mute conversations also lets you block notifications without unfollowing a room.

Note: At this time, the ability to mute notifications in a chat is available only on mobile.

For details, see our FAQ on managing chat room notifications.

Enhancements to calls

The following enhancements apply to your calling experience.

Ability to choose from more 8x8 ringtones to distinguish between business and personal calls

Let’s say you receive many calls on your device or on other apps, and need a way to distinguish incoming 8x8 Work calls from other calls; simply select one of our 8x8 ringtones to know when you have an incoming 8x8 call without needing to look at your device!

When you go to Profile > Settings > Ringtone, you now have more options for ringtones unique to 8x8 Work for Mobile!

For details, see our FAQ on setting up notifications and ringtones.

Ability to flip a call to mobile via banner notification

Via call flip, you were previously able to flip your call to any device associated with your 8x8 Work extension by dialing *88 on the new device. As an iOS user, you retain the ability to flip calls via dialing *88, but now 8x8 Work for Mobile features a quicker way to flip calls to mobile!

Let's say you are on an 8x8 Work call on your desktop but you want to switch to mobile for freedom of movement; if you’re calling via the desktop app, the mobile app detects the call and displays an in-app banner you can use to flip the call over to mobile! Simply tap Flip in the banner, and you’re ready to go!

For details, see our FAQ on flipping calls.

Previous releases

The following features and enhancements were introduced in previous versions of 8x8 Work for Mobile (formerly known as the Virtual Office mobile app). For details on the latest new features, see our list of what's new in the current release.