Tour the 8x8 Video Meetings Interface

8x8 Video Meetings offers an intuitive meeting interface that you can adapt to better suit your presentation or participation needs.

While in a meeting with 8x8 Video Meetings, you have a variety of tools at your disposal to make your meetings more efficient. Share high-definition audio, video, and on-screen content, stream your meetings to a large audience, record meetings for future reference, and much more!

Meeting control Availability Description
(1)  / Expand/collapse Only apps Expand the app interface to navigate the rest of your app while in a meeting with 8x8 Video Meetings, or collapse the app interface to use your entire app window for the meeting.
(2) Share screen Only desktop apps and web Select which screen or application window to share in the meeting. The shared content you select will be made visible to everyone in the meeting until you toggle the control again to stop sharing your screen.
(3)  Raise/lower hand All apps and web
(on mobile, found under More actions)
Make yourself more visible to a presenter by toggling a raised hand icon on your participant tile. This allows you to request attention from the presenter without interrupting them, or even while you are muted. If your question is answered before the presenter calls on you, you can toggle the control off by clicking it again.
(4)  Open/close chat All apps and web Open or close the meeting chat panel. If you join via browser and are asked to enter a chat nickname, enter your name for easy identification by other participants.
(5) Start/stop subtitles All apps and web Start or stop viewing real-time subtitles of participant speech in the meeting. As long as one participant is viewing subtitles, a transcript of all subtitles generated during a meeting is recorded for future reference.
(6)  Mute/unmute All apps and web Mute or unmute your microphone. Unless disabled prior to joining a meeting from your app, by default, your microphone is enabled automatically when you join a meeting.
(7)  Leave All apps and web Leave the meeting.
(8) Start/stop camera All apps and web Share or stop sharing video from your camera. Unless disabled prior to joining a meeting from your app, by default, your video is switched on automatically when you join a meeting.
(9)  Tile view All apps and web
(on mobile, found under More actions)
Toggle between two views of your meeting screen:
  • The default view, which displays the current speaker or presenter in a large central tile, and all other participants in a tile strip on the side of the screen.
  • The tile view, which displays all participants in tiles of equal size.
(10) Invite people Only Virtual Office apps
(on mobile, found under More actions)
Want to invite more people to your meeting? As a Virtual Office user, invite participants by name (for company contacts) or by phone number.
(11) Meeting info All apps and web
(on mobile, found under More actions)
View meeting details, including the URL to join via desktop, the number and PIN to join via dial-in. You can copy these details and paste them in a message or email to another person to invite them to the meeting.

Note: If you set a passcode for the meeting, this passcode is not copied along with other meeting details; you must provide this passcode manually to participants. You can set an optional meeting passcode here to increase the security of your meeting.

You must ensure that this passcode is provided to the meeting’s intended participants.
(12)  More actions All apps and web Open to access advanced meeting controls and settings, including the ability to: