What's new in January 2023?

In January, 8x8 Contact Center is planning to introduce the following features and enhancements:

Support for digital channels in 8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics

This release includes new features designed to enhance post interaction survey analysis by incorporating new digital channels for review while enabling 8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics (QM/SA) to work seamlessly with external CRMs such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc.

These new features include:

  • 8x8 Quality Management and Speech Analytics (QM/SA) is now available for all digital channels (email, webchat, social media direct messages). This enhancement advances QM/SA to a more comprehensive solution across all contact center communication channels.
  • Access to digital channel attachments: All attachments within a digital interaction will now be accessible within QM/SA to ensure the quality evaluator has all the facts at hand without leaving the evaluation interface.
  • Redirect to QM will work from external CRMs: This new feature adds a field to QM/SA, callID, that allows users to search external CRMs like Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc. for specific interactions for evaluation. Users gain access to easier search and retrieval for interactions. This new feature is supported for our single and multi-tenant customers.

Additionally, we are planning to release the following enhancements.

Agent Workspace - Ability to switch sub-status

Following feedback from customers, we are improving the user experience for those who wish to change from one sub-status to another. A sub-status also referred to as a status code indicates the reason for taking break or working offline state, such as “lunch break” or “in a meeting”. Currently, agents cannot change from one sub-status to another while working offline (e.g. from Coaching to Meeting while working offline), or while taking a break, without first switching to another status (e.g. Working offline: Coaching -> Available -> Working offline: Meeting). This causes inconvenience to customers and also impacts reports, which may show a number of short breaks. This may also result in agents being offered new interactions while switching status. This new update enables customers to move directly between sub-statuses without having to change the parent status—providing convenience and better productivity reports.

Let's say you are working offline to attend a meeting. Once you are done with the meeting, you want to continue to work offline, but now to prepare meeting notes. You can now switch the status code without switching your status.

Agent Workspace - Enhanced filtering in contract directory

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our Contact Directory features, we have enhanced the filtering capabilities making finding your contact center and back-office colleagues even simpler and more convenient. In addition to the regular free text search box (1), you can also access additional filters by clicking the filters button (2) and filter the list by agent group, presence status, department, job title, and location. You can also select multiple filtering criteria simultaneously to identify colleagues quickly. Filters persist until cleared or until cookies are cleared from the cache.

Bug fixes

We have fixed the following bugs in December - 2022.

Bug Description
VCC-65383 Number of completed records total in Campaign Details Report is incorrect
VCC-65538 Routing issue caused a stuck call in a queue
VCC-65885 The status in the contacts list only updates when there is a manual status change for a user
VCC-66048 Unable to save changes to an agent profile when made in agent experience selection
VCC-66074 A custom field pick list entry with special characters causes duplicates
VCC-66139 Campaigns are not loading where the schedule has a routing option to a choice
VCC-66283 JS error when trying to open a Wallboard

Important Notifications

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