What's new in November?

8x8 Contact Center plans to release the following features in November.

Improved email handling experience in 8x8 Agent Workspace

8x8 Contact Center will soon be introducing an alternative way to handle emails. Agents can now also handle emails from the Control Panel in 8x8 Agent Workspace, in addition to the previous experience of handling emails from the Display Panel. This new capability aims to improve the handling of emails in 8x8 Contact Center by allowing agents to:

  • View the sender’s email address in the Control Panel.
  • Handle emails and view the thread in Control Panel.
  • Read and respond to emails.
  • See attachments easily and the email they are associated with.
  • Have their productivity reported in Analytics.

Quick replies for 8x8 web chat

Using 8x8 scripting capabilities, admins can build simple menu flows to ask questions to customers and route them to an agent to share static information back. This can benefit our customers who do not need an AI Powered chatbot, but still want to offer menu options so they can route chat interactions to the right agent based on their queries.

Using this new feature within the webchat script, you will now be able to forward queries to a social script using the Forward to Script node, so the customer can get a visual guide to allow them to route the message.

Agent Workspace UI updates for Contact Directory

We're excited to introduce a series of enhancements to our Contact Directory search interface that are designed to significantly elevate agents' experience in quickly locating the right contacts for seamless connections.

Here's a quick overview of the key updates:

  • Streamlined Recent Searches: When you select the search input, a convenient window now appears, displaying your recent searches. This feature empowers you to revisit previous searches with ease, saving you valuable time in the process.

  • Enhanced No-Results Messaging: We've refined the messaging for instances when no search results are found. The updated wording provides greater clarity and guidance, making it simpler for you to refine your search and find the contacts you need.
  • Optimized Filter Access: To improve accessibility and usability, we've relocated the filters icon outside of the search keyword input. This enhancement ensures that you can easily apply filters to your search results, enhancing your search precision.
  • Introducing the Agent softphone in beta: Agents can now handle calls directly in Agent Workspace with no need for an external hard phone or softphone. The feature is now in beta testing, and if you're eager to be among the first to explore this feature, reach out to your dedicated account manager, who will be more than happy to enable it for your account. We value your feedback and insights during this beta phase as it will help us refine and improve this feature to meet your specific needs.

    Please note that this feature is available in beta. For more information, refer to detailed documentation for beta users.

  • Improved access to the contacts in ring groups and call queues: As a contact center manager, you can now enhance the efficiency of our agents by providing them with easy access to the contacts within specific ring groups, call queues, and auto attendants. Currently, agents need to manually search for and input these contacts when handling calls, which leads to unnecessary delays and potential errors. By adding the functionality to include these as contacts directly in the agents' contact directory, we can streamline the process and ensure accurate and swift call handling.

    We believe that this new feature will not only make voice interactions more engaging but will also give greater control over the user experience.

Bug fixes

Bug Description
VCC-73191 When creating a pre-chat form the logo is missing
VCC-73891 Agent Workspace "Pause Recording" option is not working
VCC-74169 Salesforce Enhanced Integration Panel is loading a white screen
VCC-74194 Stuck email interactions need to be cleared
VCC-74611 CRM search fails when using the subject field equals
VCC-74705 Links sent in Chat appear as plain text
VCC-74716 OB phone codes are not being used when dialling outbound
VCC-74718 Email creation Time Stamp is showing the incorrect time in local CRM cases.
VCC-74791 Adding a route plan is failing. The list doesn't show the new route plan
VCC-74825 Agents are seeing Broadcast Messages over 7 days old
VCC-74894 Customer is unable to retreive a specific call recording
VCC-74960 Intelligent Directory (Virtual Agent) does not return correct user
VCC-75018 "Click to Dial" from the directory fails intermittently in Agent Workspace
VCC-75035 Customer is missing some call recordings.
VCC-75126 Custom chat image icon is broken (404 not found)
VCC-75127 Unable to increase the maximum concurrent digital interactions
VCC-75264 Error message when trying to Add or Edit a Google email channel
VCC-75323 Alternate Routing plan is not forwarding call as expected

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