Manage workspace pages

As a supervisor, you can create and manage multiple pages in 8x8 Supervisor Workspace. These pages are represented as tabs in the upper left corner of your workspace. By default, 8x8 Supervisor Workspace displays the following pages:

You can customize your workspace to ensure it meets your needs, while displaying relevant metrics for your 8x8 Contact Center. For example, you can monitor queues and/or agents on one page, and configure another page to only include widgets. Select the Show more menu in the upper right hand corner to display these options:

  • Duplicate page: Select this option to create a duplicate page of an existing workspace. A new tab with its own title will appear at the top of the page.
  • Rename page: Select this option to change the name of an existing workspace.
  • Delete page: Select this option to remove a workspace from 8x8 Supervisor Workspace. This action is irreversible.

As a supervisor, you can customize your workspace by creating a new page, creating a duplicate page, renaming a page, and deleting a page.