What's new in September ?

8x8 Contact Center is planning to introduce the following new feature enhancements later this month.

Support for Email routing in 8x8 Contact Center integration with Salesforce

Prior to this release, 8x8 Contact Center customers were limited to using the Local CRM for processing email interactions. With this release, we will support processing email interactions in 8x8 Contact Centerfor Salesforce. This allows routing emails to agents, and to have these emails automatically stored in Salesforce when an agent accepts and responds to the emails. This enhancement in the Salesforce integration supports:

  • Replying, forwarding, and transferring emails.

  • Sending new and follow up emails.

  • Adding an email to a case that has been created in Salesforce.

We will introduce email channel support for other External CRMs in future.

Ability to retain Calling Line Identifier (CLI) in transferred calls

Currently, when you transfer a call to an 8x8 owned phone number or 8x8 Work extension, the number of the original caller (Calling Line Identifier) is not passed through. As a result, the person handling the transferred call cannot identify the caller quickly. In this release, we are introducing the ability to pass the CLI information when transferring a call to an 8x8 owned number or 8x8 Work extension number. This means back office workers can automatically see the customer information when that customer has been transferred to them by a contact center agent to gain specialized assistance. This capability is enabled using outbound phone codes. Calls can be transferred using different methods:

  • Directory
  • Dialpad
  • Transfer button
  • Add participant

Ability to filter Contact Directory

As an 8x8 Contact Center, you can now filter contacts in the directory by user type and presence status. You can quickly filter the list based on user type such as contact center agent, 8x8 Work user, or an external contact. Also, filter by presence status such as agents who are available, on break, working offline, and more.

Bug fixes - August

In the month of August, we have fixed the following bugs.

Bug Summary
VCC-56206 Case field media type cannot be edited.
VCC-58059 Supervisor on persistent connection has no audio when monitoring an agent.
VCC-59727 8x8 Agent Workspace: In My Profile/Settings, the "Save Settings" button is not responding.
VCC-60151 An issue is noted with Supervisor settings in 8x8 Configuration Manager after enabling "Display contact in Company Directory".
VCC-60355 8x8 Agent Workspace: The agent status shown is incorrect.
VCC-60832 Special characters or symbols are displayed incorrectly in outbound emails.
VCC-61289 Deletion of an agent group is not updating the Supervisor monitoring tab correctly.
VCC-61308 8x8 Contact Center Queue loops are being missed.
VCC-61309 Knowledge Base templates are not correctly formatted in FAQs when using 8x8 Agent Workspace.
VCC-61482 Unable to close a document and go back to the case after opening it via a link.
VCC-61484 Browser notifications are not populating after an interaction is rejected.
VCC-61640 Unable to assign admin role to an existing user.
VCC-61666 Call State is intermittently missing from SAPI events.
VCC-61689 Random characters are being added in an outbound email body.
VCC-61700 8x8 Agent Workspace: An issue with disabling agent to agent chat is noted.
VCC-61722 Loss of audio for caller when one agent leaves a conference call using a persistent connection.
VCC-61769 Unable to log in to a newly created tenant.
VCC-61801 Intermittent lack of audio after a warm transfer from an 8x8 Work extension to an agent.
VCC-61807 Ported numbers are not available in 8x8 Configuration Manager.
VCC-61856 Not all the records matching a filter are being added to a campaign.
VCC-61858 8x8 Agent Workspace: No queues are shown in My Assigned Queues.
VCC-61959 In 8x8 Contact Center chat, the option to allow customers to send attachments to an agent is not working, displays a "not available" message.
VCC-61984 Agent is not getting a notification when the customer disconnects or closes a chat window.
VCC-62003 When the 8x8 Contact Center chat window is zoomed in on iOS, the keyboard covers the chat button.
VCC-62049 Configuration Manager is slow to respond.
VCC-62051 Unable to save or edit outbound phone codes when checking Forward Client Transfer.
VCC-62057 Incoming calls have limited ring time and cannot be answered.
VCC-62107 8x8 Contact Center number is temporarily unavailable.
VCC-62451 After confirming the selection via Virtual Agent the call does not route to the selected department.
VCC-63204 Agent presence is taking too long to reflect in the 8x8 Agent Workspace directory.

July release

We have introduced the following feature enhancements in July:

June release

We have introduced the following feature enhancements in June: