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Agent Interactions Summary Report

As a contact center supervisor , do you need to review the performance of your agents periodically? Do you want to drill down their activity history monthly, weekly, and hourly to understand and address any challenges? What’s the number of phone calls offered, accepted, rejected, abandoned by an agent? What’s the average handling time of calls this past hour? How long have the agents been busy since morning? and more. The new Agent Interactions report by 8x8 Analytics offers you historical data of agent activity which answers all these questions.


Report Templates

8x8 offers four default report templates to track agent interactions. Access the report out of the box using the default template and create a custom report tailored to your business needs. This report offers insight into agent behavior and presents metrics on the time invested by the agents on specific interactions.


Accessing the Agent Interactions reporta

  1. Log into 8x8 Analytics.You must be an administrator or a supervisor in the Virtual Contact Center to access these metrics. Learn more.
  2. Go to Agent Interactions from the navigation menu. Select the desired report template under the category.
  3. The historical activity data for the past week is displayed for all agents supervised by you.

By default, the data is presented for the past week. To customize date range, time zone, or metrics, you must customize the template.Learn more about customizing the template.

To access the glossary of metrics, click here.

By default, the data is presented for the past week. You can customize the report to match the needs.

Customizing the Agent Interactions Report Template

To tailor the Agent Interactions Summary report to suit your business needs, you must customize the default template and save it. Once saved, it shows up as a custom report.

  1. Click Customize in the default template.
  2. Select the time zone from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Date range and select from the readily available choices such as yesterday, last week, last month, etc. Based on the date range, you can choose an appropriate granularity (15 min, 30 minutes, hour, day)
  4. Select the following dimensions and save your settings.

  5. After customizing the report, save it to access it under Custom reports.


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