Access the Interactions Summary report

Use the new Interactions Summary report for a more detailed look at the activity in your 8x8 Contact Center. The report provides an aggregated overview–a reality check– of where and how your customers are interacting with your company. This information helps you make educated decisions to improve customer service.

The Interactions Summary report:

  • Provides a detailed and an aggregated view of events happening during each interaction, including interactions that ended in the IVR and failed to reach the queue
  • Shows the typical path taken by callers
  • Allows supervisors to group interactions by:

    • Path Summary: View details of events for each interaction such as number of interactions that ended in script, Queued-Handled, Queued-Abandoned, Queued-Dequeued-Forwarded-to-VoiceMail, and more.
    • Media: View metrics by Phone, chat, email, and voicemail channels and compare key metrics such as the volume of interactions, time taken to handle them, and the path summary.
    • Type: View call type as outbound call, consultation, internal call, callback, verification call, and campaign.

These detailed views of the contact center help supervisors identify problems and address them. Let's say the metrics in the report suggest that callers are abandoning their calls while navigating through the IVR, this could indicate a complex IVR with many layers of menu options. Alternatively, if callers are waiting in queue for long, this may signal longer handling times or shortage of agents serving the queue.

To access the Interactions Summary report:

  1. Log into 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center.
  2. From the menu, select Interactions Summary to launch the report. By default, the report is set to show data for the last month.
  3. Click Customize to add or edit the template.
  4. Add filters as desired and select to group the data by path summary, media, or call type.
  5. Click Save to save the custom template.

Glossary: Interactions Summary report

Term Definition
Path summary Path summary of an interaction refers to a list of events that happened during the interaction in the order they happened. These events are indicated by labels such as Queued, Queued, Handled, Queued, Abandoned. For label definitions, refer to the Interactions details report glossary.
Count of interactions Total number of interactions for the selected time interval
Channel Name A unique name for the channel that allows you to easily identify the location of an interaction.
Script treatment duration

Also known as the IVR treatment duration, this is the total time spent by the caller in the IVR until the interaction entered a queue, excluding the queued time:

  • For interactions that were queued and left, the time after leaving the queue is also included
  • For interactions that were never queued, the entire time spent in the IVR is included
  • For direct agent calls, the duration between Creation Time and Accept Time on agent
  • Empty for chat, outbound, or email
Queue wait duration The time the interaction spent waiting in a queue; the duration between "queued" and first "accepted" event by an agent (same formula as on the aggregated reports)
Offering duration Duration between agent offer time and agent action time (same formula as on the aggregated reports)
Handling duration Duration between agent action time and handling end time (same formula as on the aggregated reports)
Wrap up duration Duration between the start-post-processing (coincides with handling end time) and end-post-processing times (coincides with interaction finished time, same formula as on the aggregated reports)
Total interactions duration The total duration that the customer spent in the IVR script + Queue wait duration + Handling duration