What's new in June 2024?

In this release of 8x8 XF Workspace, we are introducing the following enhancements:

Note: These enhancements are only available with 8x8 Work for Desktop/Web version 8.14. To check your version number, navigate to the Profile Menu and select About. To learn more about downloading the latest version of 8x8 Work, see Download 8x8 Work for Desktop.

Ability to transfer calls to 8x8 Contact Center queues

As an 8x8 XF Workspace user, you now have the ability to transfer 8x8 Contact Center queue calls to any enabled inbound phone queues. This new feature empowers users and ensures customers are routed to the appropriate queue. Let’s say you receive a call intended for a specific queue, you can simply transfer the active call to the suitable 8x8 Contact Center queue in 8x8 Work for Desktop/Web. When transferring a call, the Queues tab displays a list of available queues. It also shows queue metrics such as the number of available agents, the number of calls in progress, and the number of calls waiting in a queue. You can leverage these metrics to ensure that you are not transferring a customer to a queue with no available agents.

To transfer a call:

  1. While on a call, click Transfer.
  2. From the Queues tab, select a queue from the list.

  3. Click Transfer to complete the transfer process.

Ability for a 8x8 XF Workspace user to pause queued calls

As an 8x8 XF Workspace user, you can pause inbound calls to your assigned queues. Pausing queued calls allows you to stop receiving new interactions while on a scheduled break, or while working offline. You can specify a reason for the pause, allowing your 8x8 XF Workspace supervisor to accurately track your status. When pausing interactions from My assigned queues, you can specify one of these reasons:

  • Break: It indicates you are not available to receive new interactions, and access to all user-related features is disabled.
  • Work Offline: It indicates you are not available to receive new interactions, but all user-related features are enabled and accessible.

Note: 8x8 XF Workspace supervisors can view reporting for paused queues along with he reason for the pause in 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center and 8x8 Supervisor Workspace.

To pause calls to your assigned queues:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Work for Desktop/Web.
  2. From the navigation menu, click My assigned queues .
  3. Select the phone queue(s) you would like to pause.
  4. Click Pause. From the drop-down menu, select a reason to pause calls.

All inbound calls routed via the selected queues are paused, and a timer is displayed indicating the duration of the pause.

Note: As an 8x8 XF Workspace user, you can change the reason for pausing interactions from a queue without having to first resume queue calls.

To resume calls to your assigned queues:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Work for Desktop/Web.
  2. From the navigation menu, click My assigned queues .
  3. Click Resume now or Resume to start getting calls again.

Ability to engage with customers using Video Elevation

Video Elevation is an integrated solution that allows 8x8 XF Workspace users to establish a one-way video connection with customers in need of assistance. With this feature, you can switch from a phone interaction to a one-way video interaction with a few clicks. This new feature ensures you can get a clear visual of the customer’s problem by extending a video call invitation to gather all the information necessary for a quick call resolution. While on a queued call with a customer, click Video invite to send an SMS with a link to a video call. The customer can simply click the link received via SMS to establish the video connection, without having to install any software.

Let’s say Pat is a customer support specialist at AcmeJets, a window shutter manufacturer. Pat receives a call from Blake, a customer, claiming that the recently installed shutters cannot close. To get a clear understanding of the problem, Pat decides to elevate the conversation to video and sends out an meeting link to Blake’s mobile phone. Blake accepts the invitation and Pat can now see the window shutters installed. With the camera pointing at the shutters, Blake tries to close them. Pat notices that a safety pin is preventing the shutters from closing. After instructing Blake on the correct removal of the safety pin, the shutters work as intended. The interaction ends successfully without having to escalate to an expert or dispatch a technician to the customer’s location.

Note: The live video feed shared with the customer can only be viewed by the 8x8 XF Workspace user and the customer. The customer cannot see the 8x8 XF Workspace user during the video interaction.

Select Past meetings from the Meetings tab to access a list of previous video interactions.