About 8x8 XF Workspace

8x8 XF Workspace is designed to empower organization specialists who need to handle several 8x8 Contact Center customer interactions while also engaging in unified internal collaboration. It is accessible through 8x8 Work for Desktop, 8x8 Work for Web, and 8x8 Work for Mobile.

8x8 XF Workspace introduces a new user persona for 8x8 Work app users. This feature enables users to receive and respond to calls queued in Contact Center phone queues directly within the 8x8 Work app. Let's understand some key business use cases:

  • Real Estate: Real estate agents often operate both in-office and on the go. The ability to manage customer calls seamlessly through queued calls across different locations enhances their responsiveness and service quality.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors, benefit from the flexibility of receiving calls queued in a healthcare line, while mobile. This adaptability is crucial for timely patient communication and care.

  • IT Helpdesk: Typically, IT Helpdesk teams assist internal employees who reach out via calls, messages, or tickets for technical help. While they may not interact with external customers, their role is vital for the company's efficiency. With 8x8 XF Workspace, IT Helpdesk staff can manage customer interactions on the same platform their users are on, streamlining the process.
  • HR, Payroll, and Training Teams: Employees in these teams play a critical role in the successful functioning of a company. Providing support to these teams with the same level of care as customer support is crucial for maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement. 8x8 XF Workspace enables these teams to offer comprehensive support effectively.
  • Sales Support: This key department handles external customer inquiries, such as questions about the latest offers. Integrating 8x8 XF Workspace in the Sales Support workflow allows efficient and prompt customer interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.


With 8x8 XF Workspace, you can:

  • Process both queued inbound and outbound callbacks offered to the customer.
  • View assigned call queues and enable/disable them.

  • Review the performance of teams and queues and configure users' queue assignments.

  • Take advantage of the capabilities in 8x8 Work for Desktop, Web or Mobile, such as SMS, Team Messaging, Meetings, Fax, ring groups, barge monitor whisper, or group call pickups.
  • Use Frontdesk which allows better call management; Act as a receptionist directing calls to the right destination.
  • Track the status of 8x8 XF Workspace user and queues.
  • Monitor and filter queue metrics in 8x8 Supervisor Workspace.


This guide is intended for 8x8 XF Workspace administrators, users and supervisors.


The current version of 8x8 XF Workspace is supported in the following applications:

  • 8x8 Work for Desktop 8.11
  • 8x8 Work for Web 8.11
  • 8x8 Work for Mobile 11.7.1


  • 8x8 XF Workspace is currently in limited availability. For additional information, contact your 8x8 Account Representative.
  • 8x8 XF Workspace is supported on a single 8x8 Contact Center with a single or multiple PBXs.


The current version of 8x8 XF Workspace has the following limitations:

  • Does not support any digital channels.
  • 8x8 XF Workspace users can use only 8x8 Work apps and not 8x8 Agent Workspace to process phone interactions.
  • Outbound phone queues are used only for IVR callbacks.
  • Does not support warm transfers.