What's new in the 8x8 Contact Center integration for Microsoft Dynamics?

In this release, we are introducing the following enhancements for the 8x8 integration for Microsoft Dynamics:

8x8 integration support for Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface

The updated 8x8 integration for Microsoft Dynamics supports the existing functionality in the Unified Interface. To use the 8x8 app with the new Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface, the admin must download the latest integration package for Microsoft Dynamics (version 0.3.6). For more information, refer to the topic Download the integration package.

To confirm that you are using the Unified Interface:

  • Look at the label listed on the apps:
    • UNIFIED INTERFACE: Displays for Unified Interface applications.
    • WEB: Displays for the Web Client Interface applications.

  • Open an app and look for “appid=” in the URL. Only the Unified Interface displays the app ID in the URL.
  • Verify that the version number displayed for your 8x8 integration package for Microsoft Dynamics is version 0.3.6. To locate the integrations package, log in to your Microsoft Dynamics account and go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Settings > Solutions.

Log in to 8x8 Contact Center using Single Sign-On

8x8 Contact Center integration for Microsoft Dynamics now supports SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality.

To enable SSO login for agents, you must configure SSO login from Microsoft Azure, and 8x8 Admin Console. For more information, refer to Set up Single Sign-On.