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What's New in the 8x8 Microsoft Integration 6.1 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in your 8x8 integration with Microsoft:

New Skype for Business Virtual Office Plug-In

Upgrade to an all-new app that combines your calling experience with Skype for Business and the power of Virtual Office! Manage calls in a tightly-integrated experience with Skype for Business, use the integration independently of your Virtual Office desktop app, and more!

For details, see our content on version 6.1 of integration with Skype for Business.

Intuitive Integration Panel

Your Skype for Business Virtual Office plug-in now takes the form of an integration panel paired with Skype for Business. Simply click the 8x8 tab on the side to open your integration panel and log in with your Virtual Office extension, and you are ready to manage calls in an all-new experience with Skype for Business. For greater flexibility, the plug-in panel can be moved independently of Skype for Business.

For details, see our content on navigating the new integration panel.

Automatic Status Sync for Calls

When you handle a call in the plug-in, your in-call status is automatically reflected in Skype for Business as well as your Virtual Office apps. This enables your colleagues to see when you are busy on a call, and allows you to see whether your colleagues are busy taking a call using the plug-in as well.

Note: Status sync in Skype for Business does not apply to other Virtual Office statuses, such as In a meeting, Away, or Do not disturb.

No Dependency on Virtual Office Desktop App Version

Regardless of which version of the Virtual Office desktop app you are using, you can take advantage of the latest integration with Skype for Business! Unlike past versions of Virtual Office integration with Skype for Business, the newest version of the Skype for Business Virtual Office plug-in functions regardless of which version of the desktop app you have installed.

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