Handle calls with Skype for Business

You can place calls from your Skype for Business contact list or chat window, or your integration dial pad, and manage the call via 8x8 Work.

Important: In order for 8x8 Microsoft Integration to function, ensure that you are using the appropriate plug-ins:
-Download version 6.1.2 of the plug-in for calling with Skype for Business.
-Download version 6.0 of the plug-ins for meetings with Outlook and calling with Outlook.

When you handle a call in the plug-in, your in-call status is automatically reflected in Skype for Business as well as your 8x8 Work apps.

Note: This version of integration with Skype for Business does not support Skype for Business Basic.

Place and receive calls

8x8 Microsoft Integration with Skype for Business offers close integration with 8x8 Work, allowing you to seamlessly manage calls using the integration panel of your plug-in.

Note: The steps of your calling experience are different depending on whether you have enabled or disabled WebRTC calling under Settings > Advanced in the integration. This setting enables you to place and receive calls in the integration without having an 8x8 Work app open at the time of the call.
By default, WebRTC calling is disabled; if you enable the setting, perform a one-time login in 8x8 Work for Desktop on your computer to allow integration-only calling.

To place a call using the plug-in with WebRTC disabled (default):

  1. Your call is initially sent through your 8x8 Work extension as a two-legged call.
  2. You must answer the inbound leg of the call in your integration panel to send the outbound leg of the call to the desired contact.

    Note: If your 8x8 Work extension is associated with a desk phone in addition to 8x8 Work for Desktop, you are prompted to answer the inbound leg of the call via your 8x8 Work app (on desktop or mobile) or your desk phone, and the specified phone dials out to the desired contact.

To place a call using the plug-in with WebRTC enabled:

Select or dial a number. Your call is sent directly through your integration panel to the desired contact.