Add 8x8 Contact Center Users

Users in 8x8 Contact Center (VCC) are grouped into agents and administrators. Agents handle customer interactions channeled through the contact center while administrators configure the contact center's resources and behavior. 8x8 Contact Center supports regular agents and supervisors. Supervisors have additional abilities to monitor agent and queue performance.

  • Agents: You can create agents, assign phone number and devices, and set up basic and advanced features. Agents use 8x8 Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions.
  • Administrators: An administrator can be a primary administrator with unrestricted access to all the configuration objects, or a secondary administrator with full or partial configuration rights. The primary administrator creates the user accounts and can assign secondary administrator rights.


  • User creation: Add users individually or in bulk. To add users in bulk, download the basic or advanced template, and upload data. You can create users in bulk and save time.
  • Agents with dedicated extensions: Contact center agents who must be dedicated to handling only the contact center calls, must be assigned with dedicated extensions. These agents are assigned with an 8x8 supported SIP phone which can handle only those calls routed via 8x8 Contact Center voice channels. With a dedicated extension, the extension and Direct-in-Dial (DID) numbers are permanently redirected to 8x8 Contact Center agent channels.The agents can serve multimedia channels (voice, chat, email).
  • Agents without dedicated extensions: Add agents without dedicated extensions, and with a minimum account, to serve digital channels, such as chat and email, only.
  • Agent voice channels: Phone numbers assigned to agents function as dedicated agent channels. Callers can reach agents directly via these channels.
  • Service channels: All phone number assigned to 8x8 Contact Center function as service channels. You can edit a service channel, and enable or disable it in 8x8 Contact Center 8x8 Admin Console. An IVR script is linked to the service channel by default.

Assign 8x8 Contact Center Administrators Rights

Using 8x8 Role-based access control, you can now assign predefined roles to users which allows specific admin permissions. In 8x8 Admin Console, use the VCC Admin role to assign users with 8x8 Contact Center admin privileges. Users assigned with VCC Admin role do not have access to the 8x8 Work privileges.

Every 8x8 Contact Center has one primary administrator with privileges in all categories. This administrator's access can be edited or revoked by another administrator. You can grant administrator privileges to any existing user by adding the user to the administrator's group. You do not need to assign this user with the 8x8 Contact Center Agent service.

To assign admin rights to users:

  1. From the main menu in 8x8 Admin Console, go to Home > Roles and Permissions > Assignments.
  2. On the top right hand corner, click Create Assignment.
  3. Select a user to assign the VCC Admin role.
  4. Select VCC Admin role and select the desired scope, and click Save.
    When you promote a user to an admin, the user receives an automatic email notification informing the granting of administrator privileges. You can modify the name or change the properties of the primary administrator, but cannot delete it from the Company or User's page.

Note: These administrators have privileges to configure both 8x8 Work and 8x8 Contact Center features.

To define granular role-based administration within 8x8 Contact Center, go to 8x8 Contact Center 8x8 Admin Console and define new roles with custom privileges within the tool. These privileges are only applicable to configuration functionality within the 8x8 Contact Center 8x8 Admin Console. For details on role-based administration, See 8x8 Contact Center Roles and Administrators.