Manage Your Devices

The Device inventory helps you allocate and manage your devices in the phone system. Add new device models to your phone system, get an inventory of the device types, check if you have any unassigned devices to assign to new users, view if the devices are activated or not, drill down for more details for each device type.


  • Access a single consolidated view of your device inventory, showing if the device is activated or assigned to a user. The inventory also shows the site location.
  • Access MAC addresses and activation codes through device report, helping administrators activate a number of devices at the same time.
  • Add devices that a re supported by 8x8. You can buy your own device (BYOD), or buy new from 8x8 or any other vendor.
  • Add unlimited number of devices of a certain type to your inventory. We do not keep track of the number of devices you add.
  • Get support for DECT and ATA devices.
  • Optimize voice and fax quality by selecting Analog fax or Analog voice.
  • Generate device report to view device details such as: device type, status, activation code, MAC address, and more.


  • Devices are synchronized immediately after configuration. The synchronization time cannot be set in advance.
  • A port is automatically assigned by the system when configuring DECT devices. The port or socket number cannot be determined by users.
  • Each user can have one device assigned.


Refer to the following frequently-asked questions for more information: