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Assign Services and Permissions to the User

The license type you assign to a user determines the scope of available phone features, such as basic calling to advance collaborative capabilities. A list of available and active licenses for the tenant are shown under Services and permissions.

You can choose any license from the license drop-down, whether upgrade or downgrade. When you downgrade a license, the user's phone number, extension number, call forwarding rules, and other shared settings between licenses are preserved. The system automatically changes the features that are not shared between the licenses such as Switchboard Pro or Virtual Office Analytics. For example, when you downgrade a user license,Virtual Office Analytics automatically changes from Supervisor to Essentials. When you upgrade a license, however, you still need to configure the user profile to allow the new feature capabilities. In the above example, you need to modify the user profile to allow the supervisor capabilities instead of regular user for Virtual Office Analytics. Depending on your subscription, the licenses can be Virtual Contact Center Editions or X Series. For details, see our content on Review Licenses.

Note: Due to billing irregularities experienced with upgrading and downgrading user license from the user page, this feature is temporarily unavailable.
To work around:
1. Delete the current license
2. Save the user.
3. Assign a new license to the user.
4. Save the changes.

Assign Cost Center

Cost centers are created in the service cloud and allow you to keep track of expenses for each department, site, or location. If a cost center is already defined for your company, you can assign a cost center to a user via User > Service Selection > Cost Center.


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