What's new in 8x8 Admin Console 1.24 release?

We have introduced the following enhancements in the 8x8 Admin Console 1.24 release.

Ability to display external caller ID during emergency dialing

During emergency dialing, let’s say your company wants to display the company name rather than the individual extension name, you now have the ability to set your external caller ID preferences company-wide.

Limited availability

This features is currently in limited availability. It is available in the US only.

To set up external caller ID to display during emergency dialling:

  1. In the 8x8 Admin Console, go to Company from the menu.
  2. In the Emergency Display Name, select External Caller ID from the available choices.

    Note: By default the Emergency Display Name is set to internal caller ID.

  3. Save the preferences. The external caller ID display name set for each user is displayed during emergency dialing.

Ability to remove failed porting requests

Let’s say your number porting request gets rejected. You may resubmit the request excluding a few numbers that you longer wish to port. Previously you could not remove those excluded numbers from your porting log. Now we have introduced an option to remove the failed porting requests.

To remove a failed porting request:

  1. Go to Phone numbers from the menu.
  2. In the filter, select to view the numbers which have failed to port.
  3. From the list of number which have failed porting, select a number you no longer wish to port.
  4. Click and select Remove porting request.
  5. At the prompt, confirm to remove the porting request. You are informed that the temporary number will be retained in your inventory as a claimed number.

Grouping compatible phone numbers during porting

When you submit a request to port a batch of phone numbers belonging to more than one service provider, the porting request will likely be rejected. To prevent porting failures, we now detect upfront if the phone numbers belong to different service providers and split them into compatible groups. Further, with your input, we will split the porting request into multiple requests based on the service provider. This allows you to avoid porting rejections as well as track the requests easily.

Let’s say you submit phone numbers belonging to two different providers in the same porting request, you will be alerted that the porting request is not compatible and the phone numbers need to be split into compatible groups. With your permission and input, the phone numbers will then be split into compatible groups and submitted as two separate requests.

Introducing a new Super Admin role

In this release, we have introduced a new Super Admin role which supersedes the permissions of the Company Admin role. This new role is intended to extend privileges to manage sensitive data to other users. By default, this role is assigned to the primary admin of the PBX. In addition to the permissions assigned to the Company Admin role, this role has the key permission to access and manage sensitive data:

As a Super Admin, you can extend permissions to manage sensitive data to other users in the company. To access sensitive data, you must grant the relevant permissions through a custom role.

Note: The permission to manage sensitive data does not allow access to sensitive data unless specifically authorised.

To view the permissions of the Super Admin role:

  1. Log into 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. From the menu, go to Roles and Permissions > Roles.
  3. In the list, notice the new role for Super Admin.
  4. Click to view all the permissions assigned to this role.

Note: You are not allowed to duplicate this role.

To create a custom role to access sensitive data:

  1. Click Create Role.
  2. Add an appropriate name.
  3. Enable permissions to Messaging audit and Cloud storage API.
  4. Save the role. Please make sure you assign this role to a user who is qualified to access sensitive data.

Introducing global API authentication

8x8 is introducing a mechanism to generate an API key and use it to authenticate into the 8x8 API gateway. This allows you to access many of the developer-facing 8x8 APIs. As a developer, you may want to create one or multiple applications interacting with one or more 8x8 APIs. In the 8x8 Admin Console, you can now create an app which in turn generates an API key and a secret code. Use this key to further authenticate into the specific APIs selected.

Note: We currently support authentication for Cloud Storage API and Chat API.

To create an app for the API:

  1. From the menu, go to API Keys.
  2. Click Create app.
  3. Enter a name for the app.
  4. Select the API/s from the list of available APIs.
  5. Save the app. This automatically generates the API key.

To fetch the API key for the app:

  1. Go to the list of apps listed under the API Keys.
  2. Select to edit the app you just created.
  3. Note that the API key and the secret code are now visible in the protective mode.
  4. Click to view the key and the code.
  5. Copy and store the key for authentication.

To revoke access to any of the supported 8x8 API:

You can simply delete the app to remove access to the API. Deleting the app revokes the API key and blocks access to the APIs selected in the app.

Next step

After fetching the API key, go to https://developer.8x8.com, select the API you wish to use, and use the key to authenticate the API calls.

What's new in 8x8 Admin Console 1.23 release?

We have introduced the following enhancements in the 8x8 Admin Console 1.23 release. These enhancements are directed to 8x8 classic customers who are migrating to the X Series platform:

Support for custom fields for migrated customers

Classic 8x8 customers who are being migrated to the X series platform are now able to access the custom fields in the contact directory. Let's say you have previously defined custom fields such as Employee ID or Company Division in Account Manager, they are now visible as Custom Field 1 and Custom Field 2 in your new 8x8 Admin Console.

Limited availability

With this release, as an 8x8 customer, you will have custom fields enabled if:



To access the custom fields:

  1. Log into 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. From the menu, go to Users.
  3. Select to edit a user record.
  4. In the Additional information section, access the custom fields.

Ability to auto divert incoming calls to external phone numbers

When you define a speed dial on a user's deskphone, you can also specify a destination to automatically divert inbound calls from them. Auto divert can come in handy when you need to divert a call automatically from a frequented contact. This destination can be an internal contact or an external phone number. In this release, you can enter any valid external phone number to divert an incoming call. Let's say, you have set up a speed dial to reach your Supervisor. You are traveling and you want to receive the calls from your supervisor on your mobile phone number; you can now key in this number to automatically divert the calls from your supervisor to your mobile number.

To set up the auto-divert:

  1. Go to your user profile in 8x8 Admin Console.
  2. Under Voice Basic Settings , next to the Device model, click Line Key configuration.
  3. Select to edit a speed dial key.
  4. Enable auto divert to forward your incoming calls automatically.
  5. Enter the external phone number and save your settings.

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