What's new in VO-Configuration Manager 1.20.1 release?

We have introduced the following new feature in the Configuration Manager 1.20.1 release:

8x8 integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) which allows users to log in to any 8x8 application using their corporate Azure AD credentials.

To select Microsoft Azure AD as your SSO provider:

  1. Go to Home > Identity Management.
  2. Select Single Sign on (SSO) as your authentication method.
  3. Select Microsoft Azure AD as your SSO provider and click Save.

To enable user provisioning via the 8x8 integration with Azure AD:

Optionally (if you want to enable user provisioning via this integration), in the Microsoft Azure AD User Provisioning, click Show user provisioning information to display the 8x8 URL and 8x8 API Token fields:

Click here and learn more about setting up single sign-on for Configuration Manager using the 8x8 integration with Microsoft Azure AD.

What's new in VO-Configuration Manager 1.20 release?

We have introduced the following new features and enhancements in the Configuration Manager 1.20 release:

Ability to add external contacts

Virtual Office administrators on X Series can now centrally maintain a directory of contacts that are external to their organization. These contacts are accessible to end-users in the contact directory of the following apps:


How to create an external contact

You can create an external contact one at a time or import them in bulk.

To create an external contact:

  1. Log into Configuration Manager.
  2. From the menu, select Contacts.
  3. In the following screen, click Create contact.
  4. Enter the basic contact information such as first name, last name, and phone number.
  5. Enter additional information as necessary.
  6. Click Save. An external contact is now successfully created. Go back to the Contacts page to view the newly added contact.

Click here and learn more about adding external contacts in bulk and accessing them in the 8x8 apps.

Enhanced number porting process

We have introduced some improvements to the Number porting process. The Number Porting wizard now allows:

During the number porting process, you can now select a preferred porting date. Simply select from one of the available porting dates and we will try to agree this date with your previous provider.

Note: It may not be possible to port on the requested date, but we will not port any earlier.

The porting wizard also allows you to enter valid email addresses to send porting status emails. Learn more about porting phone numbers.

What's new in VO-Configuration Manager 1.18 release?

We have introduced the following new feature in the Configuration Manager 1.18 release:

Introducing disaster recovery for 8x8 Contact Center

Availability: Available to 8x8 Contact Center customers on X Series

In this release, 8x8 Contact Center introduces disaster recovery to X Series customers. 8x8 Disaster Recovery Companion Service provides business continuity if the data center hosting your primary tenant suffers a disaster or a site failure. 8x8 Contact Center Disaster Recovery (DR) companion tenant is a scheduled replica of your primary contact center tenant in the standby mode. This instance of your Contact Center tenant is hosted in a geographically diverse data center and synchronizes periodically with the primary tenant. Contact Center admins configure disaster recovery in the 8x8 Configuration Manager. Should a critical outage occur, Contact Center admins can enable and switch over to a DR tenant with a click. On-demand administration is available using the 8x8 Configuration Manager application, whether you just want more flexibility in everyday call routing, or plan ahead for business continuity during a disaster. You can divert your contact center inbound telephony traffic to your companion tenant or alternate phone numbers.

For details, refer to the 8x8 Contact Center Disaster Recovery feature guide.

What's new in the VO-Configuration Manager 1.16 release?

In this release, we have introduced the following feature enhancements:

Ability to View the Number of Suspended Licenses

You can now view the number of suspended licenses in the Licenses page. Suspended licenses are not usable and cannot be assigned to users. A license may be placed in suspended status if the license was removed from your system by 8x8 team or is associated with a user who is deactivated. For details, see our content on review licenses. Click the info icon next to a license to see the report. To see the number of suspended licenses, go to Licenses page and click on the info icon in the Quantity column.

Note: Only those license types with a suspended license appear with the info icon.

Renamed Bulk User Report Columns for Voice

Renamed the following columns for bulk user report:

Column Head (before) Changed to: Description
ExternalCallerID.DisplayName User.Voice.ExternalCallerName The name used for the external calling number (15 characters long). If the external calling number is a shared number such as a mainline number, then this is not needed.
User.Voice.ANINumberType User.Voice.ANI A telephone number including the country code used as the user's external caller ID.

To access the bulk user report, go to Home > Bulk upload and click to Download .CSV template. For the list of columns, see our content on the bulk user upload template.

Enhanced Group Call Pickups to Search by Extension Number

You can now search group call pickups by an extension number. Prior to this release, you could only search the pickup groups with a group name. To search for a group call pickup by an extension number, go to Home > Group Call Pickups and enter the extension number you are looking for. For more information, see our content on group call pickups.

Enhanced Info Panel to View Device Model Information

You can now find the device model in the Info Panel which specially helps when selecting a DECT base or an ATA terminal. Prior to this release, you could only see the device type. To check the device model at a quick glance, go to Home > Devices and click View device report. Click on a device to open the Info Panel and view the details. For details, see our content on view devices.

Improved Phone Number Search

You can now search the international phone numbers by entering plus sign + and the country code. For example, to easily locate +1 408 334 4564, enter +1 408 and to locate +44 121 704 4455, enter +44. Prior to this release, entering 44 presented all numbers containing 44 such as 1 901 344 4589.

To search for a number, go to Home > Phone numbers and enter the + country code in the Search box and press Enter on your keyboard. The results appear in the page. For details, see our content on searching phone numbers. This enhancement can also help find phone numbers when working with other features such as automatic call handling.

Corrected Behavior: Ability to Change the Order of Members in Ring Groups (Firefox users)

Firefox users can now change the order of users in the ring group. Prior to this release, this feature was working for Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. To change the order of a ring group, go to Home > Ring Groups and click edit to see the Members. Move the members by dragging and dropping it to the right order using. For details, see our content on setting up a ring group.

Bug Fixed: Returns Correct Results when Searching Help Center

The search box under Help Center now returns the right results from the Knowledgebase. To enter a new search, go to Home > Help Center, enter a search phrase and press Enter on your keyboard. The results from the 8x8 Knowledgebase show up. For detail, see our content on how to get support.

See our content for all Previous releases.