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The 8x8 Contact Center Customer Experience application allows supervisors to access specific call details and aggregate analytics from the following dashboards:

  • Recent Calls: Search for the past and recent call details in real time based on the date range filter. Get to know the path taken by each call from entry to exit.
  • Digital Channels: Access reports and visualize the customer’s interaction flow for digital interactions. Customize the report using filters and download it for easy access and sharing

  • Dominant Paths: Learn about the top ten dominant paths taken by callers in IVR, accompanied by visual representation.
  • IVR Metrics: Displays graphical metrics of the IVR path taken by all calls entering your contact center and drills down the IVR path taken during the specified time period.
  • Post Call Survey: Access and analyze the Post Call Survey results processed by 8x8 Contact Center Customer Experience.

Customer Experience can be accessed via 8x8 Agent ConsoleClosed8x8 Contact Center's browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) used by Agents to manage customer interactions.. Go to Customer Experience to see the dashboards.

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