Access Post Call Survey

An 8x8 Contact Center Post Call Survey is a questionnaire presented to the caller at the end of a call, typically to collect feedback about the quality of service offered by the company. Companies use a survey to gather feedback from customers, and analyze the collected data to help improve their services. You can get feedback on the overall product quality or service quality, get to know the customer satisfaction, and take corrective actions.

The Customer Experience application allows supervisors to review the survey results. It provides the Summary and Detail report for each question presented in the survey. If supervisors wish to look at how callers are rating their agents or service quality, they can access the respective scores and investigate further. The survey results can be filtered by script name, agent groups, agents, queues, and date range. For inbound queued calls, you can filter survey results by agent groups, agents, and queues only.

To access Post Call Survey, in the Customer Experience dashboard, click to open Post Call Survey. Refer to the Post Call Survey guide for more information.

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