Access Dominant Paths

In 8x8 Contact Center Customer Experience, Dominant Paths dashboard is used for more complex IVRs with many menu choices such as the ones in an enterprise. It provides a high-level view of your contact center's IVR, or a summary of your top ten most-used IVR paths in the tenant. The numbers on each path represent the total number of calls going through that specific path. It helps you figure out which IVR objects are used by your callers as expected and which paths are not. With this information your can assess requirements to optimize your IVRs.

For example, in the Acme Health clinic, the contact center is using a complicated IVR with eight menu options (1-8). A Dominant Paths report shows that only the first five menu options are used by callers, and the last three menu options do not get any attention by callers. With a careful study of the report, the supervisor is convinced that the last three paths need to be revised or eliminated to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the IVR.

To access Dominant Paths:

  1. In the Customer Experience dashboard, click to open Dominant Paths.
  2. Apply the desired filters.

    The following table shows the filters available for Dominant Paths:

    Available Filter GroupsDescription
    TenantClosedYour unique and secure contact center instance running on a 8x8 platform. You use the Configuration Manager to create and configure all aspects of your contact center's resources and operational behaviors, including groups, incoming channels, queues, agents, routing scripts, skills, monitoring, recording, and reporting.
    Date RangeChoose the date range of the desired report, such as today, this week, or the last certain number of hours.
  3. Click Submit.
    The Dominant Paths appear, showing the most frequently-used IVR paths in your contact center. Each path shows the total number of calls that have gone through the path.
  4. Click on any node in Dominant Paths to open the Detailed Calls slider and view the basic call information of all calls passing through that node. To see the call flow, click . To access more details in the Recent calls table, click View in Recent Calls. Click Back to Dominant Paths to go back.
  5. To refresh your search, click Reset.
  6. For a new search, enter new search filters, and click Submit.
    For more details, see how to refresh your search results.
  7. For more actions:
    • Click in the top-right corner to download the image with today's date and time stamp.
    • Click to log out of Customer Experience.

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