Access IVR Metrics

The 8x8 Contact Center IVR Metrics presents caller behavior and routing in an active graphical format. It provides details of what happened to the dropped calls and validates a good IVR. The IVR Metrics dashboard shows the path taken by every single call entering your contact center. It visually represents the number of calls that enter the IVR plus the calls hung up while drilling down the IVR path taken during the specified time period.

In IVR Metrics, the biggest node with the highest number shows the total number of calls entering your contact center. If you hover over each node, it shows the IVR scripts and associated channels used for that node, separated by commas. The smaller nodes show the IVR script and object used. When a node is selected in the tree, the traffic coming to that node is shown. Caller Hangup on IVR Metrics provides useful data for supervisors regarding the calls terminated by callers before being accepted by any agent.

You can use IVR Metrics to understand the usability of scripts, identify flaws (if any), and improve your IVR design. It helps you find out where the callers have most problems following the IVR or where they opt out of the calls. Sometimes a confusing IVR announcement can direct the customers to a wrong selection and eventually cause them to drop the call and have a undesirable customer experience.

For example, in the Acme Health clinic during the flu season, a high volume of calls comes in inquiring about flu shots. You do not have enough staff to keep up with the number of calls; as a result, the wait time in the queue goes up, causing dissatisfaction among callers. After consulting with your agents about the nature of the incoming calls, you incorporate an option in the IVR announcing the dates and time the clinic offers flu shots. By implementing the new IVR, you realize the number of calls goes down. IVR Metrics helps you study the details of calls and verify if an IVR update has pointed the callers in the right direction.

To access IVR Metrics:

  1. In the Customer Experience dashboard, click to open IVR Metrics.
  2. Apply the desired filters.

    The following table shows the filters available for IVR Metrics:

    Available Filter GroupsDescription
    TenantClosedYour unique and secure contact center instance running on a 8x8 platform. You use the Configuration Manager to create and configure all aspects of your contact center's resources and operational behaviors, including groups, incoming channels, queues, agents, routing scripts, skills, monitoring, recording, and reporting.
    Date RangeChoose the date range of the desired report, such as today, this week, or the last certain number of hours.
  3. Click Submit to display IVR Metrics.
    If you hover over the biggest node, it shows all the scripts and associated channel numbers being used. Click the last node once to see the next object, such as Forward to QueueClosedA queue is an ordered collection of interactions waiting to be served by agents qualified to respond to these interactions. In addition to enabling the call center administrator to customize how incoming interactions are prioritized and routed, queues also ensure that interactions are never lost or discarded. or Say.
  4. Click any node label to open the Detailed Calls slider.
    You can not only view the number of calls passing through each node, but also access the details of those calls such as the caller's name, date and time the call was made. To see the call flow, click next to a call. To see more details in the Recent calls table, click View in Recent Calls inside the slider. Click Back to IVR Metrics to go back.
  5. Enable Show Callers Actions Only to see the caller's actions.
    This feature helps you with IVR diagnosis. You can look at the callers actions, for example, to see why many calls are dropped off when they reached a certain node in your IVR, or how many callers navigated through a certain option in IVR.

    Note: The following nodes are displayed in the callers actions mode: DTMF (Menu, GetDigit, AgentClosedAgents use the Agent Console to view and manage customer interactions. Virtual Contact Center supports Regular agents and Supervisor agents. Extension), Exit Points (Forward to queue, Forward to voicemail, Forward to external number, DefaultT, IVR hang-up), and Customer Hung-up.

  6. To see the tree expanded to the last node, click Expand All.
  7. To refresh your search, click Reset.
  8. For a new search, enter new search filters, and click Submit.
    For more details, see how to refresh your search results.
  9. For more actions:
    • Click in the top-right corner to download the image with today's date and time stamp.
    • Click to log out of Customer Experience.

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