Get call metrics for 8x8 Work

Note: Available for Analytics for 8x8 Work Essentials users only.

From business-level to user-level activity, you can now track and improve the performance of your call center more effectively than ever before! You can access call detail records for basic calls and complex multi-legged calls, and even track the activity of active calls in real time. Concerned about whether or not an important customer has been called back? You can even keep track of unreturned calls to ensure that your customers are receiving prompt and effective service. With Analytics for 8x8 Work, you can get a bird's-eye view of the call center activity of your business, and drill down to examine potential areas of improvement.


  • View company summary: Access a high-level overview of your business phone system, analyze inbound and outbound traffic patterns, and adjust your business hours to serve your customers.
  • View extension summary: Track the number of answered, abandoned, and missed calls for each user, and supervise employee productivity to improve service.
  • Review call detail records: Trace a specific call to see how the call was routed, who answered the call, the duration of the call, whether the call was placed on hold, and much more. With access to the call path, you can determine any call handling patterns that may need attention within the company.
  • Access details on active calls: View real-time data on calls that are currently in progress, and get a more detailed view of your organization's productivity.
  • Keep track of unreturned calls: View a list of calls that have not been answered, or were redirected to a destination that did not return them. This way, you can make sure that calls to important customers are returned in a timely fashion.
  • Track calls by DID: View incoming call activity to a specific number, including calls that reached the number via auto attendant, call queue, or ring group, allowing you to reliably view how many incoming calls were answered by the user.