Access the Company Summary report (Legacy)

The Company Summary dashboard provides a high-level overview of usage of your business phone system. Using these metrics, you can analyze the inbound and outbound traffic pattern and adjust your business hours to serve your customers. Click on any metric listed on the dashboard to view a chart.

In the Inbound Summary tab, view key metrics such as the total number of inbound calls received, answered, and missed.

The default view provides data from the beginning of the day (12 AM) to the time you generate the report. You can track call activity trends for that day, the previous day, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or for a custom date range.
To select the desired time period, click and select an option from the drop-down menu.

Switch to Simplified Report

You can simplify the metrics in this dashboard by focusing on the key metrics. The simplified dashboard shows a summarized version of the metrics, and eliminates "total abandoned" metrics and "total time" metrics such as total call time, total ring time, and total talk time.

To enable simplified reporting:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Company Summary and Extension Summary dashboards, click the drop down menu next to your name and select Configuration.
  2. Enable Toggle Simplified UI. By default, the simplified UI is disabled.
  3. At the prompt, confirm to update.

Note: Please note that this toggle impacts all users viewing Analytics for 8x8 Work for this phone system. Check with your administrator before changing this setting.

Glossary: Company Summary report

These metrics are provided for the phone system for a given day. By default, the report extracts data from the beginning of the current day.

Column Description
Static Metrics These are not real-time data. Updates are being made every 10 minutes.
Total Inbound Calls Total number of unique incoming calls received by the phone system from outside. It means even if a call is being transferred and interacted with multiple times within the same PBXClosedPrivate Branch Exchange—a private telephone network used within a company., it will be counted once.
Total Outbound Calls Total number of outgoing calls from the phone system to any external phone number or a different PBX.
Total Ext2Ext Calls Total number of calls dialed within the phone system from one extension number to another extension number. In order for a call to be counted in this metric, both extensions need to be part of the same PBX.
Additional Statistics (Includes Ext2Ext Activity)
Average Call Time Average length of a call for the selected time period. Call Time is calculated as the duration of a call, including Talk Time, Ring Time, Hold Time and Wait Time.
Average Talk Time Average length of a call's talk time for the selected time period. This is the time that the call was connected to a live person. Only user-type extensions that connect to a call will be considered a live person. Talk time does include the time the call was on hold while connected to a user-type extension. It does not include any time when the call is connected to voicemail.
Average Ring Time Average duration of ringing time for a call. This includes Ext2Ext Calls.
Average Abandoned Time Average length of calls that are abandoned and is calculated as the duration between the start time and abandon time. This includes Ext2Ext Calls.
Total Voicemail Calls Total number of incoming calls that reached voicemail for the selected time period. A call needs to remain in voicemail for at least 5 seconds in order to be counted.
Inbound Statistics (Excludes Ext2Ext Activity)
Total Inbound Answered Total number of answered calls. This metric is incremented every time a call is answered, which means it could be incremented multiple times in case of a transferred call. This excludes calls answered by voicemail or by auto attendant.
Total Inbound Missed Total number of calls that were not answered live (calls that reached voicemail, plus calls that were abandoned). This metric can be incremented multiple times for the same call. For example, an agent is alerted but doesn't pick up. The call is routed back to the queue/ring group and another agent is alerted but misses the call.
Outbound Statistics (Excludes Ext2Ext Activity)
Total Outbound Answered Number of outbound calls that were connected. It includes all calls answered live or by auto attendant, or calls that reached voicemail.
Ext2Ext Statistics
Total Ext2Ext Answered Number of calls between extensions that were answered by a live person. This excludes calls answered by voicemail or auto attendant.
Total Ext2Ext Missed Number of calls between extensions that went unanswered. This includes a call being in alerting state and not being answered, being abandoned or answered by voicemail. For this particular case, missed includes rejected calls as well.