About messages

8x8 Work enables you to send and receive messages via desktop or mobile with your colleagues or with external contacts. Do you want to make your messages more effective by attaching a file you are discussing, emphasize key parts of a message, or even take a particularly important conversation to the next level via 8x8 Meet? 8x8 Work messaging allows all of this, and more! If you have questions, see our FAQs on messages via 8x8 Work for Desktop!


  • IM chat: Send messages with contacts in your company phone system via IM (displayed in blue), and see when your messages are successfully sent and read by the other party.
  • Meetings via IM chat: Quickly promote a chat to a productive meeting by inviting a colleague to a meeting via 8x8 Meet from a chat.
  • Attach files in IM chat: Attach files or images you are discussing to make your discussion more efficient and productive.
  • SMS chat: Send messages with external contacts and numbers via SMS (displayed in green), and see when your messages are successfully sent.
  • Block external SMS from unknown contacts - block the incoming SMS spam from unknown senders.

  • Format text: Include formatted text to draw attention to important content in a message.
  • Team Messaging and group chat: Depending on your organization's requirements, you may have access to Team Messaging or to group chat.
    • Team Messaging: Collaborate with your colleagues by creating a public or private chat room dedicated to a project, subject, or team.
    • Group chat: Collaborate with your colleagues by creating a dedicated group chat.
  • Attach files in chat: Make your chat conversation more efficient and productive by attaching an image or file you are discussing with a colleague.
  • Message history: Can't remember the details of last month's discussion on an important task? Access a comprehensive chat history with any contact, allowing you to come back to past discussions at any time.
  • Language support: Send messages in any language supported by the app.
  • Cloud-based messaging: Conversations to continue seamlessly as the user moves between their desktop and mobile applications.

Note: If your organization does not enable messaging in 8x8 Work for Desktop, you do not have access to the messaging functionality.