Attach files in chat

While chatting with a colleague in 8x8 Work for Desktop, you can attach a file or image you are discussing to make your conversation more efficient and productive. Let's say you are discussing a document that you have access to, but your colleague does not. Instead of having to email the document, you can quickly and easily attach it in the chat to give your colleague better context for your conversation.

Note: This feature is part of the New Chat Experience, which is available based on your organization's requirements. If you wish to explore the New Chat Experience, click here to learn more.


  • Send any type of file; attach images, PDFs, brief audio recordings, and more!
  • Attach and send files up to:
    • 100 MB in size at a time for IM chat.
    • 2MB in size at a time for SMS chat.
  • Send unlimited files over time free of charge.
  • Quickly attach images and files in chats with individual colleagues or teams.

To attach files in chat:

  1. While in an IM or SMS chat, click Attach in your text entry bar to open a file selection window on your computer.
  2. Select one or more files to upload. The total file size you can send per message depends on the type of chat:
    • IM chat: up to 100MB
    • SMS chat: up to 2MB
  3. Once the file finishes uploading, you can send the file by itself, with other files, or with an accompanying message. Once the file is sent, the other party in the chat can download and open the file.