What's new in the 8x8 Frontdesk 7.18 release?

In this release we have introduced the following new enhancements:

Ability to transfer calls to 8x8 Contact Center phone channels

Note: 8x8 Contact Center channels are only visible if they are enabled and have a valid phone number

As an 8x8 Frontdesk receptionist, you can now transfer calls to 8x8 Contact Center phone channels with a few simple clicks. Available 8x8 Contact Center channels are listed in your contact directory and can easily be accessed by searching for contacts or by using custom directory filters.

Let’s say you receive a call and from your conversation with the caller you determine that the call should be forwarded to customer support. If the customer support team has an 8x8 Contact Center channel set up, you can quickly search the contact directory for contact center channels and forward the call directly to the channel assigned to the customer support department.

If these types of calls are frequent, you can also add a custom filter dedicated to contact center channels so you can access the list with one click.

Improved distinction between contact alerts and contact notes

In the previous release, we introduced a contact alert to help provide receptionists with useful information before answering a corporate forwarded call. To ensure there is a clear distinction between contact alerts and contact notes, the app now clearly indicates that the Alert field contains the alert message from the internal forwarded call, and the Notes field displays the notes attached to the contact in general.

Contact notes support adding more information compared to contact alerts.

Note: Only contact alerts show up when calls are forwarded to you automatically.

Ability to enable/disable call waiting tone

8x8 Frontdesk now allows you to toggle the call waiting tone on/off.

As a receptionist, you may receive multiple calls at a time. The call waiting tone informs you at regular intervals of incoming calls. If you find this tone distracting and you do not rely on audible incoming call alerts, you can select to toggle off the call waiting tone.

To access this option, click Settings > Audio & Video > Enable call waiting tone.

What's new in the 8x8 Frontdesk 7.17 release?

In this release of 8x8 Frontdesk, we are introducing the following new features and enhancements:

Ability to quickly switch between accounts

- To use this feature you must have 8x8 Frontdesk enabled on your account.
- Existing Switchboard Pro users can also access 8x8 Frontdesk seamlessly via 8x8 Work for Desktop.

Let's say you are occasionally substituting for a frontdesk receptionist while they are on break; it helps to be able to switch between 8x8 Frontdesk and 8x8 Work for Desktop quickly. It is now possible to switch between 8x8 Frontdesk and 8x8 Work for Desktop with just a few clicks. To enable/disable 8x8 Frontdesk, go to Settings > Frontdesk > Enable Frontdesk, and toggle the switch On/Off. The application restarts when switching between accounts.

When disabled, you have the full functionality of a regular 8x8 Work for Desktop app. When enabled, you gain access to your regular 8x8 Frontdesk account.

New contact alert for corporate forwarded calls

You can now see an alert icon for forwarded incoming calls that include an alert message. When corporate calls are forwarded to the reception, the contacts that have an alert message added display an alert icon under the forwarded call. The contact alert can help provide receptionists with useful information before answering a forwarded call.

Enhanced transfer to voicemail for hybrid work environments

To prevent an accidental voicemail transfer from 8x8 Frontdesk when your company is using Microsoft Teams voicemail and most employees are using 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, having the 8x8 Presence Sync integration enabled renders the Send to voicemail option disabled. All other call handling options are available for the user.