8x8 Frontdesk

8x8 Frontdesk is a flexible and easy-to-use desktop based application for 8x8 Work users. It offers better call management capabilities to front desk receptionists and improves their experience in handling a large volume of calls and needing to frequently transfer calls. It increases the efficiency of your organization with better phone call management, allowing callers to efficiently get in touch with your organization and enjoy the best possible customer experience.

With a few clicks, a receptionist can manage multiple calls, voicemails, and chat sessions, and direct communications to the appropriate contacts in their organization.


With 8x8 Frontdesk, a receptionist can quickly and efficiently:

  • Manage up to six concurrent calls, and take advantage of a flexible call handling system.
  • Transfer calls to contacts, or directly to a contact's voicemail if the caller needs to reach a contact who is temporarily unavailable.
  • Track the presence status of contacts to determine who is available for communication.
  • Add notes to contacts with important information, such as whether the contact asked not to be disturbed or is working from a different time zone than usual.
  • Direct calls to an auto attendant, or a call queue or ring group to help callers reach their destination during hours when a live receptionist is unavailable.
  • Chat and consult with a contact before transferring a call to confirm the contact's availability.
  • Manage voicemail received from callers or contacts.


8x8 Frontdesk requires:

Log in to 8x8 Work for Desktop

To access 8x8 Frontdesk, you must log into 8x8 Work for Desktop. If a user is enabled with 8x8 Frontdesk functionality, then the app displays an additional Frontdesk tab for receptionist privileges.

  1. On your computer, download and install the 8x8 Work for Desktop app.
  2. Launch the app to log in.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click Login. The app launches.
  5. From the navigation menu, select Frontdesk to access the receptionist functionality.

Note: You can also use receptionist functionality using your activated deskphone. To switch to call using deskphone, click the Call Using menu in the navigation bar and select Deskphone to place and receive calls using your deskphone.

Set your presence status

Use your profile to set your status and other desired settings.

  • Available: Available for calls and chats
  • Do not disturb: Busy, and forwards incoming calls to voicemail
  • Busy: Busy, but available for calls and chats
  • On a call (status set automatically): Busy on a call or in an 8x8 meeting
  • Away: Away from their desk or inactive for some time
  • Invisible/Offline: Appears as offline

View presence status of contacts in the contact directory. You can view whether a contact is available for communication.

Tour the interface

The 8x8 Work for Desktop interface offers abilities to access your contacts, place and receive calls, chat with contacts, attend video meetings, and more.

The 8x8 Frontdesk feature allows receptionists to receive calls and route them to the desired contacts within the company.

  • Frontdesk tab: Access the 8x8 Frontdesk functionality.
  • Status icon: Set your presence status and other preferences.
  • Incoming calls: View an incoming call with callee details and greetings.
  • Dial pad: Dial numbers to call outside of your contact list.
  • Contact directory: Lists and sorts contacts within your company directory.
  • Search contacts: Search for contacts based on name, site, extension, and more.
  • Filter by site: Filter contacts based on site, and select the desired information columns to show in the contact directory.
  • Contact presence: Know whether a contact is available, busy, or offline.

Search for contacts

To search contacts in your contact directory, type a name, department, or other identifying information available in 8x8 Frontdesk into the search bar. The search results filter as you type.

To filter contacts based on site, click Filter , click > next to Current Site, and select a site from the list.

Receive calls

  1. When you receive a call, the Call Panel area shows the incoming call.
  2. Click to accept the call.
  3. After speaking with the caller, select one of the following options:
    • Transfer the call without consulting (cold transfer).
    • Consult via call/chat and transfer the call (warm transfer).
    • Transfer to voicemail.
    • Drag and drop a contact onto the active call to initiate transfer and transfer to voicemail.

Deflect calls

Let’s say you receive calls from a caller who typically wishes to speak to a specific contact. If you know the destination of an incoming call, simply drag and drop the contact record from the directory to the incoming call card. Click for a cold transfer. The call is transferred to the selected contact.

Transfer calls

8x8 Frontdesk allows you to transfer calls to the desired party within or outside your organization. You can consult with the party before transferring (warm), or transfer directly (cold).

Cold transfer

  1. Accept the incoming call and place it on hold.

    Note: Placing a call on hold disables auto-filtering of contacts by site and loads the entire contact directory.

  2. Hover over a contact in the contact directory list to view the transfer options.

    Note: Contacts in your directory include company contacts as well as personal contacts saved as My Contacts.

  3. From the options, click to transfer the call without consulting. The call is transferred to the contact.

    Note: You can also drag and drop the contact record to the active call card and click to transfer.

Warm transfer

  1. Accept the incoming call and place it on hold.

    Note: Placing a call on hold disables auto-filtering of contacts by site and loads the entire contact directory.

  2. Hover over a contact in the contact directory list to view the transfer options.
  3. From the options, click to place a call. A new call card appears for this outbound call.
  4. Once the call is answered, inform the contact about the transfer.
  5. Click in the outbound call card to transfer the call.

Cold transfer outside the organization (using the dial pad)

Let’s say you need to transfer a call to an external contact or a contact’s personal phone number, and you do not have them in your contact directory. Simply call the number using the dial pad, once answered, transfer the call.

  1. Accept the incoming call and place it on hold.
  2. Open the dial pad by clicking .
  3. Enter a phone number and click Call. An outbound call is placed to the external number.
  4. On the new call card that appears for this outbound call:
    1. For cold transfer, select to transfer the call.
    2. For warm transfer, once the call is answered, inform the external party about the intended transfer, and select to transfer the call.
    3. Select to transfer to the voicemail of the external party.

Cold transfer with chat consultation

You can consult contacts in your contact directory via chat before transferring a call. Chatting with contacts can help facilitate cold call transfers.

  1. Accept the incoming call and place it on hold.
  2. Hover over a contact in the contact directory to view the transfer options and click to chat.
  3. After confirming their availability, click in the chat window to transfer the call.

Transfer to voicemail

If a caller needs to reach a contact directly, but the contact is busy, you can transfer the caller to the user’s voicemail.

  1. Accept the incoming call and place it on hold.
  2. Hover over a contact in the contact directory to view the transfer options and click .
  3. The caller is transferred to the user’s voicemail.

Attach notes to contacts

Receptionists can attach notes to contacts indicating their preferences in regards to taking calls. If a contact is busy and wishes to forward all their calls to voicemail temporarily, the receptionist can enter a note for the contact and access it until removed.

  1. Click or hover over the desired contact in the contact directory list.
  2. Click to add a note.
  3. Add notes and click Save. The highlighted note icon indicates an existing note.
  4. To read a note, simply click next to the user status.

Forward calls during a break

If you need to step away from the desk, simply select the toggle for Away from desk at the bottom left hand corner of the app. Select to forward the calls temporarily to an auto attendant, a ring group or call queue. When you return, simply disable this option.