Create and edit FAQ knowledge base

Due to the repetitive nature of inquiries handled by contact center agents, building an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) knowledge base for the most frequently-asked questions saves 8x8 Contact Center agents time in fetching responses for customers. Whenever a customer seeks information, agents can refer to the FAQ knowledge base and provide information quickly. Agents can embed FAQ content in a chat interaction or an email. Your contact center administrator can publish this FAQ knowledge base on your website for broader access.

8x8 Contact Center allows supervisors to build FAQs. You can enrich FAQ content by embedding images or attaching files. Build the FAQs once, and refer to them, time and again.

Note: 8x8 Contact Center limits the ability to create FAQs to supervisors. Agents do not have the privileges to create or edit FAQs.


  • Provide comprehensive answers: Researched, consistent responses with links to additional content means customers get the best answers every time.
  • Easily create content: Supervisors can quickly and easily create, edit, arrange, add, delete and manage content.
  • Respond to changing conditions: New questions can be added quickly and easily.
  • Shorten interaction times: Fast access to the right answers makes it quick and efficient to answer repetitive questions.
  • Increase agent productivity: Keyword lookup and pre-formatted responses deliver the fastest answers to customer questions.
  • Train new agents: Supervisors share the same user interface as agents, to help support new and ongoing agent training.
  • Provide consistency across channels: Agents use the same tool to find the answers regardless of which channel they are using for their customer interactions.
  • Search content: Use simple keyword queries to find answers quickly.
  • Import answers: Build your answers in the tool of your choice and easily import them from Word, Excel or PDF files.
  • Embed hyperlinks: Provide customers with comprehensive answers to even the most complex questions by embedding hyperlinks in answers.

Building content for FAQs requires you to:

For details about inserting FAQ answers into an email or chat, see Insert FAQ responses into emails, and Insert FAQ responses into chat interactions.