Assign services and permissions to the user

The license type you assign to a user determines the scope of available phone features, such as basic calling to advance collaborative capabilities. A list of available and active licenses for the tenant are shown under Services and permissions.

You can choose any license from the license drop-down, whether upgrade or downgrade. When you downgrade a license, the user's phone number, extension number, call forwarding rules, and other shared settings between licenses are preserved. The system automatically changes the features that are not shared between the licenses such as Switchboard Pro or Analytics for 8x8 Work. For example, when you downgrade a user license,Analytics for 8x8 Work automatically changes from Supervisor to Essentials. When you upgrade a license, however, you still need to configure the user profile to allow the new feature capabilities. In the above example, you need to modify the user profile to allow the supervisor capabilities instead of regular user for Analytics for 8x8 Work. Depending on your subscription, the licenses can be 8x8 Contact Center Editions or X Series. For details, see our content on Review Licenses.

To assign licenses to users:

  1. Go to Home > Users and click to edit an existing user account or create a new user.
  2. Open Services and permissions.
  3. Select and Assign a policy profile. The 8x8 Master User Template is selected by default.
    With the 8x8 Profile Policy you are able to restrict users from using certain capabilities of Virtual Office, such as accessing Virtual Office Meetings, upgrading to recent version of Virtual Office Desktop app, or accessing and deleting call recordings. You can disable these features company wide by using a master profile policy. To modify the 8x8 Master User Template, go to Home > User policies and click to edit the options. See Review Profile Policy.
  4. Click to Assign one or more services to user from the list.
  5. Click Save.

To upgrade or downgrade a user license:

  1. Go to Home > Users, and click Services and permissions while editing a user.
  2. Select a different license from the drop-down list.
  3. If you already have a license and would like to add a second 8x8 Work, or a 8x8 Contact Center, click + next to the first license.
  4. Select and add a new license from the list.
  5. Save the user.

To remove a user license:

  1. Go to Home > Users and click Services and permissions while editing a user.
  2. Click X next to the license. You receive a message that removing a service can affect the user capabilities.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Save the user.

To view license information:

To quickly view a user license information, go to Home > Users and click on any user in the list. The Info Panel displays the information related to that user including the user's services and permissions

To have a general view of the list of licenses, their unassigned /total quantity, and descriptions:

  1. Go to Home > Licenses. For the latest available licenses and services at 8x8, Inc., visit
  2. Expand the license type whose details you want to review, and click the desired license.
  3. In the license panel that opens, review how many of those licenses have been assigned to which user.
  4. Optionally, you can filter the licenses by assigned, unassigned or suspended.

The suspended licenses in your system are not usable and cannot be assigned to users. A license may be placed in suspended status:

  • If the license was removed from your system by the 8x8 team with the intent of reducing the billable license number. Upon removal, the license will remain in a suspended state for 30 days before being actually removed from the inventory, during which you may reinstate the license.
  • If the license is associated with a user who is deactivated, then the license will be moved to a suspended state. Reactivating the user revokes the suspended state of the license.

Assign cost center

Cost centers are created in the service cloud and allow you to keep track of expenses for each department, site, or location. If a cost center is already defined for your company, you can assign a cost center to a user via User > Service Selection > Cost Center.