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View Employee Performance

The Employee View page explains individual employee performance. To gauge an employee's productivity, you can view:

To return to the team summary page, click My Team View above the employee's profile image.

The interface elements are located on the page as follows:

Note: Your interface and options vary based on whether you are using Classic Mode or Lightning Mode.

Navigation Tabs and Filter Options

The following options and details are located at the top of the analytic page:

Option Functionality
My Team View Click to go back to the My Team View page. The most recent filter selection in the employee summary page carries over to the team summary page.
Employee Information View-only. The employee photo, name, and phone number are located in the upper-left area of the page. The information shown is pulled from the employee’s profile in Salesforce.
Click to change the selected date range.
Click to refresh the data shown.
Click to view the Sales Category chart, which is otherwise obscured when viewing the Conversation Timeline.
Want to get a better view of the strengths and weaknesses of all teams and sub-teams available to you? If you are authorized, the Periscope feature allows you to view the team analytics of another user as if you were that user. Click to view a hierarchical list of managers, teams, and sub-teams available for Periscope view; if you select a team leader or manager for example, you also select all their displayed subordinates for viewing.
The filter options are located above the Sales Category chart. The filter contains whatever was previously selected.
For details on using the filter options, refer to Filter Your Data.

Charts and Tables

The Employee View page gives you access to information on an employee's call activity, sales, and more.


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