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Filter Your Data

The filter options allow users to refine a set of call activities in the team summary and employee summary pages. Filter the data available to view outbound calls only, calls of a certain length, sales of a certain pipeline stage or close date, and much more.

To start filtering, click near the top of the page. Once you have selected the desired activity or business dimensions, click Update to update and refocus the analytic.

To remove a filter, the easiest way is to click x next to it in your list of selected filters. Otherwise, you can open the filter options, go to the appropriate section, and clear the desired check box. After making your changes, update the filter.

If you have opened the filter but decide not to make any changes, you can close the menu without affecting your existing filters; just click or Update.

The following sets of call filters manage call activity:

Filter Functionality
Call Direction Select to view inbound calls received, or outbound calls made.
Audience If you want to view only calls with people outside your organization, select external only. These are typically calls to customers or prospects, but this category also includes family or friends who are not in the CRM. If you want to view only calls with people inside your organization, select internal only.
Talk Time This filter exists mainly to remove calls that went to voicemail. Select 90 secs or more to look for conversations that lasted 90 seconds or longer. Select Less than 90 secs to look for conversations that were shorter than 90 seconds, and most likely were voicemails.

The following sets of filters focus on the general business dimensions of call activity:


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