Add users

8x8 Contact Center users are grouped under the Users tab in the 8x8 Configuration Manager. It allows Primary administrators to assign the privileges of an agent and administrator to the same user, eliminating the need for separate logins. Users in 8x8 Contact Center are grouped into:

  • Agents: Agents handle customer interactions channeled through the contact center. 8x8 Contact Center supports regular agents and supervisors. See Add Agents for details.
  • Supervisors: Supervisors are agents with special privileges who have the ability to monitor agent activity and to adjust their participation in queues. See Grant Supervisors Rights for details.
  • Administrators: Administrators configure the contact center's resources and behavior. An administrator can be a Primary administrator with unrestricted access to all the configuration objects, or a Secondary administrator with full or partial configuration rights. See Add Administrator for details.

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