Grant supervisor rights

You can grant special privileges to an agent, and allow agents to perform as 8x8 Contact Center supervisors. A supervisor has all the rights of an agent in addition to the ability to:

  • Create and delete FAQ categories and answers.
  • Monitor agents, queues, groups, and campaigns.
  • Create and run historical reports for contact center metrics.

In addition to supervisory features, supervisors may choose to perform, or at least guide and validate the use of certain operations that agents have access to, such as agent profile configuration. These include the following optional features:

  • Delete customer and case records from the Local CRM.
  • Pull and delete pending email interactions from a queue.
  • Use the Monitoring tab to remove agents from queue assignments.

Configuration Manager administrators can grant supervisor privileges to an agent and allow permissions to monitor groups, queues, and campaigns via Users > Supervisor.

To enable supervising ability for an agent:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Users.
  2. Find a user and click .
  3. Open the Supervisor tab.
  4. Select This user is supervisor.
  5. Open the Queues, Groups, and Campaigns tabs for more configuration.
    The following table summarizes the options available under the Supervisor tab in the Queues, Groups, and Campaigns pages:
    Supervisor Tab OptionDescription
    This user is supervisorIf enabled, the user is granted supervisor rights.
    Allow this supervisor to monitor callsIf enabled, the supervisor can join agents phone calls in progress for monitoring purposes.
    Restrict report privilegesIf enabled, restricts the data a supervisor views in historical reports. The supervisor views the groups and queues they monitor, or are a member of.
    Assign AllIf enabled, the agent is assigned to all available queues, groups, or campaigns defined in the tenant.
    MediaDisplays the type of media queue such as Chat, Email, Outbound Phone, Inbound Phone, or Voicemail.
    NameDisplays the name of a queue, group, or campaign, such as Chat Channel or Support Queue.
    Default PriorityIndicates the priority number of the queue as set under Queues > Properties > Default Priority. This number determines the priority of all interactions for a queue where 1 specifies lowest priority and 10 specifies highest priority.
    For details, refer to Define Inbound Phone Queue Properties.
    Agent CountIndicates the number of agents in a group.
    CommentDisplays the description or comment of a group entered when creating a group and under Group > General.
    StatusShows the campaign status, such as completed, running, or stopped.
    EnabledShows if the campaign is enabled.
    QueueDisplays the queue associated to a campaign. You can specify the queue in Campaign > Properties.
    Caller IDDisplays the campaign's caller ID specified when defining a campaign. The campaign's caller ID can be a channel number.
    CRM ObjectDisplays the campaign's CRM Object, such as customer, specified when defining a campaign.
    AssignedIf selected, assigns an agent to the selected queue, group, and campaign.
  6. Click Save.

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