Create a Campaign

A campaign is an outbound phone-based dialer that enables you to search, generate, and feed a call list to an outbound queue, facilitating automated outbound dialing. You can create a campaign based on the customer object in your Virtual Contact Center CRM or any object defined in your Salesforce CRM, provided the object has a phone field. You can then define a search strategy to further filter the target call list. On initiating a campaign, the campaign manager fetches the target call list from the CRM and feeds records to an outbound phone queue. The agents assigned to the queue are offered the campaign calls. An agent previews a record, and then accepts, rejects, or skips the call. A call can be initiated automatically after the preview, if no action is taken, and if the autodial feature is selected.

The Campaigns tab in the Configuration Menu lets you quickly create, execute, and manage campaigns. Additionally, you can sort and filter campaigns based on custom searches.


Here is a checklist of tasks you should complete before creating a campaign:

Creating a campaign involves the following tasks:

  1. Defining campaign properties
  2. Assigning supervisors to a campaign
  3. Defining campaign search criteria
  4. Specifying a sort order for a campaign
  5. Assigning audio files to a campaign

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