About Historical Reports

As a contact center supervisor, you may need to assess the performance of your agents, view their status data, as well as understand the call traffic into queues. Do you want to drill down their activity history monthly, weekly, and hourly to understand and address any challenges? What’s the number of phone calls offered, accepted, rejected, abandoned by an agent? What’s the average handling time of calls this past hour?

8x8 Analytics for Contact Center for Contact Center offers an entire suite of historical reports for agent interactions, agent status, and queue interactions provide rich historical data. Whether you want to learn about the agent performance this past week or assess the call traffic to queues including the number of calls entered, answered, abandoned, and more, simply tap these historical report templates, customize them, and make insightful business decisions with the data received.

You now have the ability to select templates from one of the following three report categories and to configure them to meet your business needs.

  • Agent Interactions: Learn about the agent behavior, activities, and their performance while interacting with customers. Track the number of interactions processed by agents, time spent processing them, time spent wrapping up these interactions and more.
  • Agent Status: Get to know how often the agents changed their statuses, how long they stayed in the status, and the reason they changed status via status codes.
  • Queue Interactions: Provide an insight into the call traffic in queues by tracking the number of interactions which entered a queue, interactions that were answered, and the number of interactions abandoned etc.
  • Detailed Interactions: Get access to key metrics during the journey of an interaction. What queue was the call directed to? Who is the agent who handled the interaction? Was the call placed on hold? What was the duration of the hold? Was it transferred to another agent? What was the call outcome? Answer all these and many more questions using the data in the Interactions Details report. Select from a total of 56 metrics, arrange them to suit your needs, and even freeze those metrics that are key to the report data.

Check out the glossary for historical reports. Please note the known limitations of historical reports.