About contacts

The 8x8 Work contact directory allows you to communicate and coordinate with your contacts quickly and efficiently, whether they are contacts from your company phone system or personal contacts from outside of your organization. If you have questions, see our FAQs on contacts in 8x8 Work for Desktop!


  • Familiarize yourself with the different contact types: Take control of your contact directory; in addition to your colleagues, you can make frequently-revisited external numbers into external contacts, and mark any contact as a favorite for quick access!
  • Access contacts by navigating the contact directory: You can quickly find your colleagues, personal contacts, and favorites in the contact directory. If you tend to work with colleagues in a specific department or office, you can sort and filter your company contacts by department or location for clearer viewing.
  • Search for contacts by name, extension, and more: Don't quite remember the name of the contact you're looking for, but remember their department or title? You can look up your contacts by any information associated with them.
  • Create and manage personal contacts: If you frequently make calls to contacts in a partner company, or purchase items for your organization, you can easily turn a phone call or SMS chat into a personal contact for a smoother communication experience.
  • Import contacts from Google or Microsoft Outlook: If you use Google or Microsoft Outlook to manage your calendar, you can import your Google or Outlook contacts and communicate with them using the advanced contact management capabilities of 8x8 Work.
  • Mark and manage favorite contacts: Do you frequently communicate with the same colleagues or personal contacts? Simply mark them as a favorite for quick access!