Get Started With 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk

Once you have access to 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk, follow the checklist below to get started:

Before you begin

To use the integration, you need:

  • Login access to a Zendesk account.
  • Login access to an 8x8 8x8 Contact Center extension.

Log in to the integration

Single Sign-On is supported for 8x8 Contact Center users with unified login. Single Sign-On is not supported for users without unified login.

To log in to 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk:

  1. Click the 8x8 Integration icon in the top-right corner of your home screen.
  2. If you are not using Single Sign-On, you are prompted to enter your user ID and password to log in to the 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk. Consult your supervisor for credentials.

    Note: Multiple invalid login attempts may lock you out.

  3. You are now logged in to the 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk. It launches and places you in the On Break status.

    Note: You must change your status to Available to be able to handle interactions.

  4. Click Available or Work Offline to change your status.

For more information on agent status and an overview of 8x8 Agent Console, refer to our 8x8 Agent Console Quick Start Guide. Agent Console enables agents to use a graphical user interface (GUI) to manage customer interactions across all channels.

Configure integration settings

You can enable automatic call logs and create ticket tags in your settings.

To view and change integration settings:

In 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk, click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of 8x8 Agent Console.


  • Zendesk: Select Integrations > Zendesk. Make sure that 8x8 Contact Center is connected to Zendesk.
  • Settings:
    • Auto Call Log: Enable this option to automatically generate a log for all phone calls, chat interactions, and voicemails. A call log includes information about the time a call was initiated, terminated, duration and more. A chat log includes the chat time and transcript. Just like a phone log, the voicemail log includes information about the time a call was initiated, terminated, duration, and more. This option is enabled by default.
    • Ticket Tags: Ticket tags are additional information or call outcomes injected by agents during an interaction. Ticket tags display in the call log after this field is set up under the integration. To create ticket tags, log in to 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk and click the Settings icon. In the Ticket Tags field, enter the names of each ticket tag separated by semicolons. For example, you can define ticket tags for a call as <Voicemail; Wrong number; No answer>. For details, see our content on how to create ticket tags.

Once ticket tags have been created, a new agent-injected data (AID) field appears in the Wrap Up list during or after a call. This information feeds into the call ticket in the same way as the other AID fields.


View the language or location of 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk. The integration is currently supported only in the US and UK.

Report a problem

Send feedback on an issue, or suggest an improvement.


View your 8x8 Contact Center domain and the Integration Data Request Token from 8x8 Contact Center 8x8 Configuration Manager. These details are provided by your administrator.

Note: Do not edit the 8x8 Contact Center domain provided to avoid losing your connection.


View details on your user extension and the app.

Set up a phone to receive calls

To handle interactions with your callers, you need to set up a phone. You can set up a softphone or a desk phone from the agent profile in 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk to receive calls.

To set up a phone to receive calls:

  1. From the Menu drop-down, go to Menu > Profile.
  2. In the Personal section of your profile, enter a Workplace Phone number or Workplace SIP URI.
  3. Click Make Verification Call to verify the phone number. Make sure the phone number is in the correct format. For example, you may need to add the digit <1> before your area code. Check with your administrator for the correct format.
  4. Click Save.

Check queue assignments

To process phone, chat, and voicemail interactions from 8x8 Contact Center for Zendesk, you must be a member of phone, chat, and voicemail queues.

Note: Phone queues are separately defined for inbound and outbound communication.

To check queue assignments:

  1. From Menu > Profile, go to the Assigned Queues section.
  2. Click the desired tab for phone, chat, or voicemail queues.
  3. Make sure your queue assignment is active.