FAQ: Salesforce integration

Check out the following questions that are frequently asked by our customers, and our responses for them.

How do I clear the browser cache?

The first step in the troubleshooting procedure is to clear your browser cache. Follow the procedure below for the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers:

How do I allow pop-up browser windows?

Ensure that browsers are set to allow pop-ups. To check whether your browser allows pop-ups from 8x8, place an inbound call to the agent on 8x8 Agent Workspace.

How do I add URLs as trusted domains?

Check with your IT administrator to see if your company has blocked the URL domain for the 8x8 cluster. Your company's IT department may have configured the router or changed the registry to block some websites. If so, you must allow or add the URL domain that has your 8x8 Contact Center tenant (such as https://vcc-naX.8x8.com/AGUI/login_ns_sso.php?tenant=yourtenantname) to access the 8x8 URL domain.